Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unrestful Night

So lately I've been waking up around 3 or 4 am and haven't been able to fall back asleep. I wake up and my brain is just filled with worries, hesitations and thoughts of the future. It happened again last night around 3am. Took me over an hour, TV and a book to eventually fall back asleep.

But then I had an early start today.  Soccer game. 2nd to last regular season game.  We're also doing a tournament Memorial Day weekend.  It always gets me here how tryouts are before the end of the season.  Our team has tryouts Monday but we've still got 4, possibly 5, more games and two weeks of practice left.  It's all good and well when a player chooses to leave a team but what about those who get cut? I think it's a lot to ask of little girls to suck it up and keep going. And I'm not usually one of those "Everyone Wins" type of people, in fact the opposite. Oh well, I'm missing tryouts/practice this week because of baby stuff so it should be interesting at next weekend's game.

Okay, it's time for Doc.tor W.ho so I'm gonna get going.  Hope everyone had a great Saturday!