Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I earned another BFN pee stick. Now I get to start taking Provera. All this waiting is annoying, but when those kiddos arrive, I'm sure I'll be remembering when it was just me and Kev and the dogs.

Friday, August 15, 2008

And the expenses start now...

So everyone knows what prenatal vitamins are. Everyone knows you're suppose to take them. And everyone knows that they can be a tad expensive.

What they don't tell you is that not only are you expected to take them you're whole pregnancy, but you're expected to take them while you're trying to get pregnant. Even better is to take them about a month before you're going to try to get pregnant. Now this can only be a month or two for the 80% of couples who get pregnant within the first month of trying, but for some of us, it takes slightly longer. And they don't tell you that the pills are huge! And they don't tell you that each pill is about $1. So for a normal pregnancy that's about $300 just for vitamins! Yikes! This Clomid stuff better work!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Les is 3!

It's hard to believe for me, because I'm use to her being the puppy. I stopped by 3 Dog Bakery to get her a cake to share with Dave. I also picked up a slice of chocolate cake for Kevin, cause he wouldn't be happy if the dogs had cake and he didn't. I'll post pictures soon.

***Updated: Pictures Added***

Les' cake from 3 D.og Bak.ery

Les blowing out the candles! (Not really! Kevin did it.)

Les enjoying the first bite.

Les licking the candles clean, a Mo tradition.

Les' bowl moved all over the house as she finished of her slice of cake.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bad Woman!

So as well as being a non-housewife, it seems I'm a bad woman as well. I've got something called PCOS. The Dr. said it was only a slight case, so that I might not have any problems, but it might make it harder if Kevin and I decided to start trying for kiddos. This was back in April.

During Memorial Day weekend, Kevin and I decided to try for kiddos. About 6 BFN pee sticks later, I decided to go back to the doctor. Today I went in and she and I came up with a plan. I'm taking a combination of Provera/Clomid. I've got to wait till 8/26 to start the first round of drugs, so I'll check back in on this subject.

On a side note: Happy Birthday Mom!