Monday, August 27, 2012

Isaac That Never Was...

Last week we were directly in line to get hit full force by Isaac. There was panic all around and talks of closing bridges, conventions, businesses and schools. Well the businesses and schools closed down but so far it's just been a windy kind of day. We get more rain on a sunny day than we've had today.

Around where I live people assume we're never gonna get hit by a hurricane. It has been 90+ years since the last one came through and even when all the weathermen claim that THIS one is coming right for us at the last minute it straightens out or takes a 90° turn and misses us. We were at a party Saturday night and all the natives weren't worried. I wasn't really worried but I figured since this time I'm a mom and not a singleton looking forward to a great hurricane party that I should at least be a little prepared. So I bought a lot of water, crackers and canned fruit. Yeah, I'm mostly a non-believer too.

Things here are going great. Kevin is in line for a promotion at work so we're praying that happens. It's the perfect position for him because he gets more responsibility but doesn't have to be in charge of people. GV is talking more and more each day. He's putting words together and we can have a conversation now. Pineapple is growing and is good so far. My next appt is in 9 days. I have to do the GD test again which is annoying. But after this I'll be at biweekly appts which means less stress and anxiety for me between appts. I can't believe I'm already 27 weeks along.

So while we enjoy a nice Monday off (even Kevin is working from home because of Isaac) hope you all are staying safe and sound.