Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GV is here


We're in the hospital, hooked to the machines, contemplating an
epidural. GV is on his way!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wiki Weekend

First, GV is still in. He is one day late.

This weekend was pretty low key. Friday we watched the world c.up game then went to lunch. Cousin E left afterward and Wiki and I went to my appt at the hospital.  I had to fill out some forms, answer some questions and then give some blood. They are all ready for me on Tuesday. Afterwards we did a bit of shopping and running errands.

Saturday was more wor.ld cup games and of course the England vs. USA game. Big game in the house.  Kevin thought it was going to be a England over USA 5-0. Wiki was hoping for USA over England 2-1 and I thought it would be a 1-1 tie. Then when England scored in the first 4 minutes, Wiki and I got a bit worried. But we were able to come back. Maybe next time we'll get the win. We finished out the night with a visit to Col.dstone.

Yesterday we went to church (after catching some more world cu.p games) and then hung out here. I'm sure it's gotta be pretty boring for Wiki (who's an always-on-the-go kind of gal) but she's been holding up. 

Today I've been up sporadically since 3 am with menstrual type cramps.  They could be labor pains but I'm not sure.  I've got an appointment at 1 so they can tell me then.  myDad is excited because today is the day he picked in the baby pool.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wiki has landed

Wiki is on her way to RIC now (probably after stopping for food though). She flew in Norfolk because Southw.est doesn't fly here. My cousin who lives in Va Beach (who I very rarely see) is driving her into town because Kevin wasn't too comfortable with me driving out to get her (around a 2 hour trip each way).  Luckily my cousin was actually free this afternoon.

I still haven't cleared out the office yet.  Maybe she can sleep in GV's room for tonight. I did clean the kitchen floors though! Which was the one thing Kevin asked me to do. He mentioned vacuuming but then didn't bring the vacuum downstairs (it's really heavy and I'm not so good walking downstairs when I'm not pregnant) this morning. So I'll just wait till he gets home or do it tomorrow.

I also managed to finish addressing the birth announcements. I had them preship the envelopes. I also ordered 5 extra in case of really bad mistakes (I believe in white-out as long as you get the name bit right) but somehow my order of 55 + 5 turned into 67. Yeah, not sure about their math. But I'm going to have to order more because of myDad's side of the family. I'm sending it to his brothers and sisters (plus my cousins who actually live on their own) and aunts and uncles but not his cousins. It was still a lot though.

Okay I gotta get back to cleaning.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Appointments and Plans

Today was my 39w appt. Weight was down 3 lbs but Dr. P is not worried about it because the past two weeks I've had some swelling of the feet/ankles/hands and this week not so much.  Next was doppler time! The nurse was able to find his heartbeat pretty fast. 136bpm.  Everything else is looking good. Dr. P did another cervical check and the good news is that I'm no longer closed.  I'm not quite to 1cm, but at least it's open now.

We also talked about next week. The plan is that on Monday I'm going to go in for an NST to make sure that everything is okay with GV. Then Tuesday evening I'll go into the hospital to start the induction process (she mentioned gel) with the hope that I'll deliver on Wednesday. She said that if everything was okay on Monday and I didn't want to induce we could wait until the week after but that in her opinion it was better to induce between 40 and 41 weeks.

Kevin has been talking to GV nightly, reminding him that he's suppose to be coming out now. His preference is that GV is born by Wednesday night, that way we might be home in time for the start of the World Cup. And deffo by the England v. USA game.

BTW, work called me again today. Again a quick fix. 2 for 2 so far!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Two Phone Calls

So the first was from work. They called around 4 pm. Apparently Cupcake couldn't get my printer to work. As soon as he was describing the problem to me I knew what was up and was able to tell him how to fix it in a matter of minutes. But I did give him flak about not being able to get through an entire day w/o calling me.  Even though I told him he could call me. It was still funny.

A few minutes later I got another call. This time from the hospital.  Apparently my OB has scheduled me for an induction on the 16th.  At my 38w appt, Dr. P said that she didn't want me going past 41 weeks. Since I hit 41w on a Sunday she would schedule it for the week before on a day when she was on call.  I guess that day is Wednesday. Anyways, they told me I'd be coming in Tuesday evening.  Plus I have to  come in for a bloodwork & paperwork appt on Friday. So I guess I know GV will be here in a week & a half at the latest!

I'm not sure how I feel about induction. I know it can work but everyone I know who's been induced has ended up with a c-section.  I really don't want a c-section.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


So I am still here, still pregnant and impatient for GV to make his appearance.  People ask me if I'm ready to not be pregnant and really the answer is no.  Not that I loved being pregnant, but physically, it hasn't been a huge adjustment for me.  I didn't have any of the yucky symptoms that usually come, I've only gained 16 lbs and I'm still just as mobile & agile (with a few extra pains). Mentally it's been a tough nine months. The anxiety and worry have been hard to deal with. Especially since normally I'm a positive happy-go-lucky kind of person.  But I've only flipped out so much that I had to call the doctor once. Since then I've been able to talk myself down from the ledge.

So a few changes:

  • I'm now on maternity leave.  Friday was my last day of work!  Because of Kevin's job situation I don't know if I'm going back.  I haven't decided if I want to be a SAHM, WAHM or what.  For now we need the insurance coverage so as far as work knows I'm coming back.
  • We have decided to do hybrid diapers. This is where you use an outer cloth with a disposable insert.  The inserts are all natural so you can compost them (or flush them down the toilet). The brand we're using is gdiapers.  They are seriously the cutest thing ever.  I managed to score an awesome deal with ama.zon for earth day so I have about a 4 month supply sitting in GV's room.
  • His furniture has still not shown up.  Officially they said 10-14 weeks, unofficially she said it'd be more like 6-8 weeks, but I was hoping it would be here by now. Yesterday was the 6 week mark.
  • I finished organizing the kid's room yesterday! It no longer has stuff piled everywhere. I managed to find most everything a spot. Don't know how long this organization is going to last but I'm hoping a little while at least.
  • The office is still is a disaster zone but at least everything that is suppose to be in there is actually in there. I have until Friday to actually get everything put away.
  • Why Friday? Cause that's when Wiki is coming! She's heading up here for a week and a half.  Hopefully GV will show up earlier during her visit.
Okay, that's it for now. I'll post more later.