Friday, April 20, 2012

Black Friday

is my official due date. So I must have caught this pregnancy very very early. Like in the 3rd week.  We went to the doctor on March 23rd and they confirmed that there was something in the uterus but it was only measuring about 4 weeks so no heartbeat yet.

Then we went on vacation, well sort of.  We went to visit Kevin's parents. SIL came up the whole time we were there and her boyfriend even came for a couple of days.  Everytime a new person was introduced to the mix GV would get shy but he ended up being friends with all by the end of our time there.

After two weeks we were back but my computer went on the fritz (I finally got it back today!!). Our 8 week appt was this past Wednesday and Pineapple was measuring 8w5d so that puts my due date as November 23rd. Black Friday.

Kevin's family already knows about Pineapple. We had a hard time explaining away my constant peeing, drinking tea only when Kevin made it (so he could sneak in a decaf tea), not taking medicine even though I had a cough and then microwaving sandwich meat.  So we told them but said that we didn't have a heartbeat yet. But now we do! Now we have to figure out how to tell my parents (and sister).

I'm excited for this new baby. Also the symptoms are in full force.  I'm hungry all the time but can't eat too much in one sitting. Also the nausea. It was too much to hope for another morning-sickness free pregnancy. Although it's just been nausea not puking. It's still not nice. Also the fatigue has really hit me. I remember going to bed early some nights with GV but it's every night with Pineapple and most days I need a nap. Maybe it's because I was working last time and couldn't nap.

I've been telling GV about the baby. He knows how to sign baby but I don't think he gets it yet.  Probably when I'm showing more he'll sense something. He'll be almost 2 1/2 when Pineapple comes so I think he'll be old enough to get it.


Life Happens said...

Congrats!!! I hope the sickness will subside soon.