Sunday, August 28, 2011

Les Updates

  • Les is still not a fan of GV. She mostly stays away from him and when occasionally surprised by him she high-tails it for under the bed.
  • Les turned 6 years old on the 13th. I guess she's not my puppy anymore. We didn't get a cake because she and Dave had just finished the cake from Dave's birthday (in May).
  • Since she's white she hides her age better (Dave's muzzle had turned grey by this point). However she got herself sick again (blocked bum gland) and so she's been going to the vet twice a week for laser treatment. She should only have to go one more time. Should.
  • When you're trialing as an agility dog you earn ribbons for competing. And when you have a near perfect run in the time allowed you Qualify and usually get a rosette ribbon that you can clip onto your collar. But then you get home and all these ribbons go in a drawer somewhere getting dusty and folded and crimped. Recently a fellow agility friend showed us this really cool ribbon holder and we decided to get one for Les. After a lot of delays we finally got it and it's FAB-U-LUS! Fabulous!
    It's hanging up in Kevin's office.  We were going to put it in the Florida room but then he decided that he wanted it in his office instead. And by the way this thing is as tall as I am. Probably taller since I'm only 5'4".
  • Whenever we go out we always have to "Les-proof" the couches. Also when we go to bed (although I usually forget). Les isn't too thrilled with this but now that we have guests (myFamily) who visit often we figure they aren't too impressed with getting Les hair all over their clothes. We usually "Les-proof" with GV's toys so that might be adding to her resentment of the boy.
  • Yesterday Les started limping. I think she's favoring her front left foot but Kevin thinks it's her front right foot. This dog is falling apart!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My son is a thug...

That's right a THUG. *sigh*

Saturday night we had dinner with a family that we met at my parent's church. We went to Longh.orn Steakho.use (which btw includes a slice of watermelon with their kid's plate which GV thought was AWESOME) and let AC(their 11mo daughter) sit next to GV. Well GV saw a plastic toy that was strapped to AC's highchair that he wanted. He kept pulling and pulling at it but since it was strapped into the other side of the chair it was not going to stretch to his side.  I then saw him lean into AC and then AC started bawling! GV bit her! I was so shocked! TC (A's mom) says she didn't see any bite marks and she thought AC was just tired but I was so mortified. GV has never bit anyone before. Earlier that day he was playing with Jez (myParent's new puppy) and when he got mad at her he bent over with his mouth open and I'm pretty sure he bit her. I don't know what's up with him but I hope he doesn't start doing this every time he gets mad.  I don't want the child that bites! Tomorrow is our toddler book club so we'll see what happens. *sigh*

Monday, August 15, 2011

14 Months

GV is 14 months today! I use to be one of those women who didn't get the whole counting your child's age in months instead of years but now I totally get it.  Fourteen months is so different than 13 months. And 16 months  is probably going to be so different from now.

GV has finally started crawling. Of course he didn't start crawling till he was already walking. That's right, my kid walks! It's so fun seeing him get around and not be frustrated by not being able to get something or be able to explore.  He started walking two weeks after his first birthday.  For a while he had been walking along furniture and walls but then one evening Kevin was loading the dishwasher and GV loves the dishwasher so he let go of the wall and took two steps towards it. I was so shocked that I couldn't even get the words out to tell Kevin to look around the island so he could see him.  By the time I did get the words out GV had fallen.  But later that evening he did it again walking away from Kevin. The timing worked out perfectly because GV and I were going out of town with Wiki for a week and a half and I was so afraid that we would be gone when GV started walking. When we came back he was already pretty steady on his feet so he was taking 5 or 6 steps. I think because he never was good at crawling he mastered walking faster. By 13 months he looked like he had been walking for 2-3 months rather than just one.

GV doesn't like eating. Or doesn't like sitting and eating.  Usually the only way I can get him to eat is by feeding him while he's walking around or playing.  And we've been suffering in the vegetables department.  He was such a great eater and then right after his birthday he started not liking certain veg and then not liking any.  Right now I've got him back on carrots and usually sweet potato. It's like introducing it all again but this time to a child that can spit it out instead of just eating it and making the disgusted face.  We were up to 5-6 tbsp of baby cereal in the mornings and now if I can get him to eat 3 tbsp I'm lucky. Most times it's just 2.  I've resorted to giving him a daily multivitamin. And mac and cheese. Anything just to get something in him.

I'm still BFing GV in the morning and at night. During the day he drinks whole milk. But we've decided to wean him this month so that by 15 months he's done. And then at 16 months we're going to start TTC#2. After a horrible start to BFing both GV and I adjusted really well. I'm really loathe to give it up.  It's such a special time and he's still my baby while we do it. Once we stop it's like he'll fully be a toddler. An exciting time but also the baby time is gone. I'm not sure how long it will take to have another baby but I would like GV to have a sibling so knowing my body we'll need to start sooner rather than later.

I'm going to try to update more often. I hope. Time's not the issue mostly it's just lack of things to say that aren't GV related. And I'm sure that's not all that you want to read about. If I have any readers left...