Tuesday, December 20, 2011

18 months

GV has been 18 months old since last Thursday. For 5 whole days I've had to correct myself when asked his age. Part of me can't believe that he's finally this age and the other part of me can't wait for the next milestone. Some highlights:

  • GV doesn't talk yet. Well not really. He says "Ma" but he calls both Kevin and I "Ma." The other day I told him to say bye-bye to someone and instead of waving he said "ba."
  • GV does sign though! He knows over 30 signs including eat, milk, more, car, horse, thank you, please, cat, dog, where... We got these DVDs and it's amazing how fast he picked it up. We started around 9 months old.
  • GV has two best friends, P & T. Probably because I like hanging out with their moms. P is two years old and T is 20 months old. They all seem to like the same toys at the same time so they have some interesting "discussions" sometimes. GV is smaller than P but bigger than T but he'll pick a fight with either of them.
  • GV has started to be clingy. He got sick around the same time I tried to get a Santa-at-the-mall picture and suddenly he was clingy. At first it was just while we were out. Now it's happening even at home or myParents house. The other day he wouldn't even go with Wiki (his 2nd favorite person behind Kevin) or  myDad. It's going to take some getting use to because he's been so independent and non-fussy till now.
  • GV can jump! He only gets about a centimeter of air (if that) but he loves doing it and says "Woah!" when he does it. It's so cute!
  • He's become fascinated with buckles and will want to sit in the stroller or car seat w/o being strapped in. He just wants to play with the straps. Sometimes he'll argue with you if you insist on buckling him in.
  • Last month Mum & Dad visited. GV was apprehensive at first but warmed up quickly. Having them stay with us helped too. He really liked Dad and when Dad would walk away for his smoking breaks (Arg!) GV would go look for him.
  • GV goes down easily for naps and bedtimes. However we've had a bit of a setback with MOTN wakings. Since the in-laws were here Kevin and I would just bring him in the room with us and he would fall back asleep as soon as his head hit my pillow. We did CIO after they left and it worked until he got sick. I don't do CIO when he's sick so he was back in the bed with us. This weekend we are going away for Christmas so it seems silly to do CIO when he's going to be in the same room with us shortly. New Year = new sleep habits!
  • We are still struggling to get GV to eat. Today he had milk, a clementine, and 1/4 a waffle for breakfast. Lunch was cheddar bunnies & a broccoli & apple pouch. Snack was milk and another clementine and two pieces of watermelon. Dinner was another clementine, corn, string cheese & veggie straws. He ignored the green beans which he use to love and now won't even allow on his plate. We put a multivitamin in his morning milk but still. He doesn't like meat of any kind and yes loves his clementines. He sees them as soon as I open the refrigerator door and will have a meltdown if you don't let him get one out.
  • The only show GV likes to watch is Ell.en. I think it's all the clapping. He will eat his fruit and clap along. The 12 days of giveaw.ays were just heaven to him because of all the clapping.