Monday, December 28, 2009

16 Weeks

How far along: 16 Weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: +3 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Today I'm wearing maternity pants but not because I had to! myMom got me two pairs for Christmas and this morning when finding an outfit for work they were the only clean non-wrinkled ones in the house. They feel weird!
Sleep: While at my parents house the alarm went off in the middle of the night and I woke up Kevin to deal with it (not that he could) and then went back to sleep. The next morning I had no recollection of it even going off! I guess I'm getting back to normal!
Food cravings/aversions: Nope!
Gender: 4 weeks till I find out!
Best moment(s) this week: Spending time with my family and friends from back home.
What I miss: Not having a cold!!
I am looking forward to: Finishing off this cold!
Milestones: 40% done!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

15 Weeks

How far along: 15 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +2.5 lbs
Maternity clothes: Normal clothes still but the fit is different.
Sleep: Not perfect but getting there!
Food cravings/aversions: I've been drinking more water which has helped to curb the appetitie a lot. I feel like I'm in control again.
Gender: 5 weeks till I find out!
Best moment(s) this week: Seeing all the snow falling on Friday and Kevin remarking that GV might be around for the next one!
What I miss: I feel a bit off today and normally I would take a bunch of stuff to fight off the cold I feel coming on. But I can't this time. I don't want to be sick! :(
I am looking forward to: Two day work week! Christmas in Florida.
Weekly wisdom: No matter how hectic your life is, it's amazing how quickly it can come to a stand still.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Cold Outside

Very cold! Yesterday around 4:30pm it started snowing and didn't stop until sometime in the early hours of the morning. When we went to bed there was deffo 8 or 9 inches already. Today we didn't get to do much because of all the snow. The Liv.erpool game was a on early in the morning so Kevin was watching that. Then some neighborhood kids came over to find out if they could use our hill/driveway to sled down. Les came down later and you could clearly tell that she wanted to go outside. But not on her own. With Kevin. So she kept bugging him and then bugging me. I eventually guilted him into taking her outside. They played outside for about 20 minutes and then she was ready to come back inside to warm up. Then about an hour later Kevin wanted to clear a path in front of his car so we all suited up and went out front. Different kids were going down our driveway. After a while we went for a walk and hung out some more and then came inside. Other than that it's been watching TV and watching kids sledding. Even now I can hear the kids outside.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday Week

Lots of things have happening in the past week. Let's start at the beginning:
Monday: Because of the new agility schedule we couldn't skip our Monday class. So we went to class. At the end of the class the ladies asked me if I was going to get a cake and I said I didn't know. Well when we got home there was that baking scent in the air. Sure enough in the kitchen was a cake that Kevin had baked. Seems after I left that morning, Kevin changed into his work clothes and drove to work (he usually bikes to/from work so he packs his work clothes so that he can change at the office). Then at lunch time he came home to bake me a cake from scratch! It was delish! Although now we have to try to finish it off before we take off this weekend.
Tuesday: OB Appt! Simple compared to last time. They asked me more questions and told me the results of my bloodwork from last appt but the best part was listening to the heartbeat on the doppler! Heartbeat was 158bpm.
That night I had a bunco game and as I was on the way home, my Nino(Godfather) called to congratulate us. Guess myMom took "after the appt" seriously and started telling family right away.
Wednesday: We finally went to Red L.obster to have my traditional snow crab dinner. No more birthday stuff till next year, I guess. I talked to myMom and she gave me the list of people she's already told. She's not slacking!
Thursday: In the morning Kevin sent me an email:

From: Kevin
To: The Wife
Subject: FW:

It's a baby boom.
Subject: RE:
From: J.H. (Kevin's best mate)
To: Kevin

Bun>oven update… Both the Vs and the Gs are expecting new babies next year. The Vs are due in April and the Gs are due in May.

C.J. is also expanding his family and S’s (J.H.'s wife) brother will be getting married in September so it looks like Hallmark will be making a nice profit from me next year!
All the various mentions are guys that Kevin grew up with. They all went to secondary school together so they've known each other since the about the age of 11. This is the second baby for all of them. The Gs have a 1 year old (2 in May) and the Vs have a 2 year old (3 in May).

So Kevin decided to go ahead and let the Hs know about us too! Other than his family they're the first people he's told. I don't know if he's planning on telling the rest of the boys though. We'll see.

Monday, December 14, 2009

14 weeks

How far along: 14 Weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: +2 lbs according to my scale this morning. Last week at my appt though, they had me at +6 lbs. However I think the NP wrote the wrong weigt on my chart(I clearly saw one number on the scale and then was surprised to see her write a number 3 lbs less than what I saw). Then they took my weight first thing at the appt before I had removed my sweatshirts and heavy coat. I weighed myself when I got home and it was in the normal range.
Maternity clothes: Normal clothes however some of my elastisized pants hurt by the end of the day. Also I can't wear my pedometer because it digs into my side no matter what pants I wear. I think I'm gonna have to move on to other pants soon because I've only got two work pants left and they're getting a little snug in the waist.
Sleep: I'm getting better at sleeping on my side. I wake myself up though when switching from side to side. Kevin checks when he wakes up during the night to make sure I'm not sleeping on my stomach. If I am, he'll nudge me so that I move.
Food cravings/aversions: Last Friday we had this and I couldn't eat it. The guacamole and bacon just didn't sit well in my stomach at all. Yesterday we had the leftovers and I told Kevin to leave off the guacamole and bacon but then I couldn't stand the chicken.
Gender: 6 weeks till I find out! I'm trying to curb myself from calling GV she or her. If I'm wrong I don't want another habit to break.
Best moment(s) this week: Tuesday when I heard GV's heartbeat and Saturday when Dave had a fantastic Snooker run.
What I miss: Being organized about sending out Christmas cards. I still haven't got them done. Tonight!
I am looking forward to: Two day work week next week! And our trip to Florida.
Weekly wisdom: Even though you don't think your husband is as excited about the baby as you are, sometimes his actions will give his excitement away. You just have to look for it.
Milestones: 35% done!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Wicked Birthday

All last week Kevin had been asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I usually give him lots of clues pretty early on but this year, I didn't really see anything that I wanted. Until Saturday when he opened the newspaper and in a quick flash I saw a full page ad for Wicked: A New Musical. I've been wanting to see this show for several years, but when it would come I never went. So on a whim, I told him that I wanted tickets to see Wicked. I wasn't really expecting him to get them, but he did! He's such a wonderful husband! It's not till March though. But still another countdown to add to my list.

For those that aren't soccer nuts, next year is the World Cup in South Africa. On Friday the draws came out. Group C is USA, Algeria, Slovenia and....England. Now I'm not much of a MNT fan, I've watched a few games and they just frustrate me to no end. I prefer to watch the WNT. So anyways on Friday, Kevin sends me an email that says:
From: Kevin
To: The Wife
Subject: South Africa 2010

England's world cup group fixtures:
12 June
v USA, Rustenberg
18 June v Algeria, Cape Town
23 June v Slovenia, Nelson Mandela Bay, Port Elizabeth

Winner on the 12th gets to pick the name?
I quickly responded with "Heck no! Our men’s team is crap!" I'm sorry but I'm not risking the name of our child on a team that is 2-7 against England with the only wins happening in 1950 and 1993.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

13 Weeks

How far along: 13 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +3.0 lbs
Maternity clothes: Normal clothes.
Sleep: A lot easier now. I'm not waking up to pee anymore. Still falling asleep around 9:30pm on average. Also Operation Don't-Sleep-on-Stomach is still going horribly.
Food cravings/aversions: My stomach has seemed to even out. Kind of a craving has been Cry.stal Li.ght Fruit Punch. I'm normally a lemonade/pink lemonade kind of girl, but the past few weeks I've only wanted the Fruit Punch (which I normally don't go for).
Gender: 7 weeks till I find out!
Best moment this week: Putting up all the Christmas decorations.
What I miss: Having a normal appetite. As in, being able to sit and eat a meal rather than grazing and eating so slowly that everything cools down by the end (not very nice).
I am looking forward to: My birthday! My traditional steamed snow crab legs dinner! OB appt & hearing the heartbeat!
Weekly wisdom: Drink water!
Milestones: I'm not sure.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Normal Again

This morning I woke up with the worst dehydration/hunger headache I've had in a long time. I'm thinking it was dehydration mainly because I can't stand being hungry so I eat all the time. I had an extra cup of milk with breakfast. The drive in was horrible because the whole time my head was throbbing. Of course it didn't go away fast enough. Not till about an hour after lunch. But if nothing else, it's forced me to drink a lot of water today.
So Chicken knows now. I called her three times during the first weekend that Mum and Dad were around but she never called me back. Monday I left a message on Chicken's FB page telling her to call me. That seemed to work as she called me when I was on my way to the airport to see Mum and Dad off. I told her about the baby and that it was due 2 weeks before her wedding. I was pretty sure she wasn't realizing the timeline. Anyways we talked for a bit and she had all kinds of advice.
On Tuesday, she emailed me and confirmed that she "totally misunderstood the birth date in my excitement." She gave me an out if I didn't think I could be her bridesmaid. But I told her that unless this baby chooses to show up late, I would be there. She's sending me her copy of "What to Expect." She also said that I should get my dress around the 6th month since the baby books tell you to pack those clothes for after the birth.
I've given myParents the date of the 8th (after the appt.) for being able to tell anyone they want. It was hard enough to get them to agree, I didn't think I could make them wait out the holidays. I think I might send out Christmas cards this year that I sign, "The Wife, Kevin & Baby M (due in June!)" That's not too tacky right? Of course most would know by then because of myParents.
Tonight my youth team starts practicing for indoor. The league doesn't start till January and we're only practicing one day a week. I know I probably need to tell the DOC before I tell my team. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do for the spring season. The winter season(indoor) lasts January-February and then the Spring Season starts in March and goes through Memorial Day(May). I've decided I'm going to do as much of the Winter season as I can. I will be 26 weeks the first week of March. For anyone near that or that can remember, how mobile are you at that point? I'm encouraged because physically, I've had a pretty easy pregnancy thus far, but you never know.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In-laws & Out-laws

It's crazy for to think that it's already December. I really like December because we've got my birthday at the beginning of the month and then Christmas at the end, but it feels like it was just yesterday that it was January. I went back and read my blog posts from last December, and man oh man was I a mess! It didn't help that I was in the middle of some bad RE drama. Plus dealing with the in-laws.
Speaking of in-laws, Mum and Dad just left. They were here for 10 days this visit. We had some fun, some laughs, some aggravation and annoyances. Normal for any visit with them. myParents showed up on Thursday which helped keep some tempers (not me this time!) in check. A couple of things which I might (or might not) write about later:

  • Mum told Kevin and I that while she was happy that we are pregnant that she's not going to allow herself to get excited about the baby until the baby is actually born. That she's not interested in any details or u/s pictures because if anything goes wrong, it will be that much harder to deal with.
  • Mum called the dogs "daft dogs" a few times. Finally I said something to her about my dogs not being stupid so I'd appreciate it if she didn't call them that. She then tried to convince me that "daft" was a term of endearment. I maintained that it was not. She tried to show me different examples of how it was, but quickly realized that usually the term connotated my meaning more that hers. She didn't call them daft dogs for the remainder of her visit.
  • Dad smoked. A LOT. Always outside, but then he would dump his ashes/cigar butt in the trashcan so the whole mudroom (house) would STINK!
  • Kevin lost his temper a few times with his parents pretty early on. I think he was hurt by Mum's pronouncement and was lashing out.
  • Kevin let his parents drive his car around the neighborhood. Apparently Mum kept flooding the engine (his car is a manual) and Dad almost crashed into cars parked on the other side of the road because he kept trying to drive on the wrong side of the road.
  • I got upset with Kevin because he kept excluding Dad from things. He would think of things to do with Mum in mind and then instead of asking Dad if he wanted to do these things, he would ask "you don't want to do this, right?" That's not really inviting, is it?
  • When it came round to doing Thanksgiving dinner, I was still smarting from last year's "snub" so I wasn't going to ask Mum for any help. Kevin asked me to include her so I relented and asked her to help me prepare this dish. Not only did she do it wrong but she asked a bazillion questions! Dude, you're cutting up vegetables, how hard is that? After that I recruited myMom to help with the rest of the dinner prep.
  • myMom wanted to do a round of "What I'm thankful for" after myDad said the prayer. I vetoed the idea because I knew she'd go on and on about the baby and with Mum sitting across from her, I didn't want to start dinner with tension or awkwardness. Wiki thinks I might have hurt myMom's feelings so I guess I'll have to apologize for that.
Okay this post is long enough. I guess I should post more often, huh?