Friday, May 21, 2010

36w OB appt

Back to early morning appts. At my 34w appt, I decided to try doing a later time and it was horrible. I had to wait in the various waiting rooms forever!!  Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?  Anyways this appt, I went back to the 8am slot. Everything checked out. My weight has stayed the same, but Dr. P isn't concerned about that. They have me as +17 lbs so far. BP was fine, no contractions yet and urine test came back normal.

A normal appt except for the fact that I had a sheet around me from the waist down. Yep at 36 weeks we start checking the cervix. I also had my strep B test. Before she did the check I mentioned to her that I thought GV was breech again. I then had to explain that I can feel the difference in his positions because he's either kicking my bladder or shoving his feet under my ribs. Dr. P was hoping he was punching my bladder but that still doesn't explain the ribs being left alone. So she checked. And while she wouldn't confirm that he wasn't head down she didn't seem to think he was. So she wants to do another ultrasound next week (btw, I'm at weekly appts now!) before my 37w appt. Then she mentioned the whole c-section thing. I really don't want one. I've never had major surgery or hospital stays so far and I'd like to keep it that way.

Kevin has been getting a lot of meetings and training appts - in preparation for the outsourcing - in the mornings lately so I knew I had to make the appt in the afternoon if I wanted him to go. So next Thursday expect pictures!


Amanda said...

Oh no, breech is not good. Someday when GV is teen you will have to bring this up again. There are some treatments that help a baby to turn... positioning (I think you are suppose to kneel with your head on the ground and bum in the air several times a day for extended periods), acupuncture or their is some burning stick thing I have seen on the internet... no idea if anything really works, but I would do whatever to try to avoid that c/s.

I could always tell when Michael turned... he was almost always head down, so the couple times that he turned he would make me really nervous when he kicked down there... it was just such a different feeling.

Priscilla said...

Yay! More pictures! :)

Lucy said...

not too much longer now! :)