Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Foodie

Today GV got to have acorn squash for the first time today. He loved it! For the first time as soon as he was done he had his mouth wide open ready for the next mouthful. Normally I have to seize mouth openings to get food into him.

So far he's tried avocado, sweet potato, brown rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, carrots, pears, bananas and apples. Avocado was his first food. It was during Thanksgiving. He was ambivalent about it but would eat it. Then sweet potatoes (that were really white!) over Christmas. He wasn't too fond of them and his guts went off so we stopped. Then when we got home we tried normal colored sweet potatoes again and he liked it more than avocado. Then brown rice cereal and I couldn't get more than the first spoonful in. Then oatmeal and that was better.

I tried banana but he hated the mashed up texture. He loved helping me eat my banana so I bought these and while they worked in theory, he'd get banana all over himself, then the banana would disappear in the holder bit and cleaning it was a pain in the a$$ because the mesh doesn't come clean. So now that he's 8 months I smash it between my fingers before giving it to him and he eagerly eats it now. Pears and apples he didn't seem too fond of but I mix them with oatmeal and he'll usually eat them all up.

Green beans were a horrible fail. Carrots were by far his favorite though. If I mix carrots with something I can get him to eat anything (like green beans). A mixture of green beans, carrots and sweet potatoes were his favorite though. BTW in case you can't tell I make all of his food (besides the rice cereal and oatmeal) using this machine. I love it! I got it for my birthday and it rocks! I got these from IKE.A (the pink ones) and they are the perfect size and shape for freezing food.

So today was acorn squash. Personally I hate squash so I was fully prepared for him to hate it too but he didn't. I did mix it with a bit of carrot though so I'll have to see if tomorrow he'll eat it when it's just squash. Next up is yogurt and then I'm hoping to find some peaches. I've been trying to buy organic. The popular grocery store here has a horrible organic section but Swee.tbay rocks. I've found nearly everything there. According to other fruits we should be trying are apricots, mango, nectarines, papaya, plums/prunes and pumpkin. We'll see though. I do want to try these though as food seems to be the only thing he doesn't instinctively put in his mouth right now.

Sleep training update: GV woke up at 3am the other night and needed a 10 minute feed to go back to bed. He then woke early at 6:30am (he's normally up at 8am) but since I had a dinner last night at 7pm I just adjusted his schedule.  He was in bed for the night by 6:50pm (feeding started 30 minutes early) then woke up at 9 and Kevin had to give him a 4oz bottle to get him back to sleep. He slept till 1 and then another 10 minute feed but then he slept till 7:40am. Tonight he went to bed at 7pm and other than a few fusses has been sleeping quietly. Also his naps are now tummy naps. He finally likes them.