Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday in the Life

I know that I don't get enough done during the day. My to do list which should be accomplished in a day takes me weeks and I know Kevin isn't too impressed with my position as a stay at home mom/wife. He once told me how he had to create a log of his day and to the minute account for what project he was working on. This way his bosses knew which projects needed help and which ones weren't as important. I've been seeing this type of post floating around (here, here and here) and I realized that this could help me. So in an effort to account for where my day is going I'm starting Tuesday in the Life. This is my first attempt and if you're feeling so inclined feel free to join in. This week I happened to do today but it can be any day of the week just post it on Tuesday if you can. If I can do it pretty regularly then I'll make a little graphic and link backs. But for now just leave me a comment (please) if you decide to participate. At this point any help on getting more organized would be great!

7:05am - I hear GV start to move around while I'm still in bed (I usually get up at 7:30). He's usually not up till 8am so I'm hoping that he'll go back to sleep. Especially since today I've got a dentist appt at 9 and I need time to get ready before he's up.

7:15am - No luck. Kevin just came in to tell me that he's awake. I roll out of bed and head over to his room.

7:30am - Na.ked time. For GV not us. Kevin came in to help with the diaper change since GV has really bad diaper rash and then a really really DRY backside. I've been putting BUT.TPASTE on it but I think it's making things worse so we switched to Euceri.n. Also I read that we should aim for two 30 minutes sessions of na.ked time a day to help with the diaper rash.

7:50am - Start making GV's breakfast. Today it's banana pancakes since we've got really ripe bananas that neither Kevin or I are willing to eat.

8:00am - Diaper GV and then put him in his highchair with his pancake. He's sitting in front of Kevin who is on the computer. I asked him to take the morning off to watch GV because of my appt but he had a conference call from 8am-10am so he's working from home instead. Yeah, good luck with that.

8:07am - Quick shower. Made even quicker by the fact that we are practically out of body soap. Thanks Kev. I realize that I didn't put my wedding ring on last night after prepping the roast chicken we had for dinner last night so I need to put it on before I leave.

8:18am - Out of the shower and I can hear GV demanding something from Kevin and Kevin telling GV no. I head out there and lower GV from his high chair while Kevin is rifling through GV's toy tote looking for the play cell phone. He finds it and gives it to GV and GV walks around the house pressing buttons and talking to Buz.z Lig.htyear. I'm getting ready to leave.

8:30am - Yes! I'm out of the house on time. I realize as I drive away that I didn't eat breakfast. I get a text from JL, a mom in our Under 2 playgroup, about our playdate today. Except that we don't have one today - it's next week. Then it starts to rain. And by rain I mean pour. The dentist is 3 miles from my house and it wasn't raining at my house. That's FL for you.

8:40am - Find the right building and SCORE - it has a parking garage. Mama's not going to get soaked today!

8:45am - Sign in and start filling out paperwork. First time at this dentist.

9:00am - Finally done! Waiting in the lobby.

9:20am - Called in. After some x-rays I sit in the chair and there's a TV in front of me playing the last half hour of Ava.tar. I haven't seen this movie but the tech tells me it's really good. My phone is dying so I borrow a pen and write out the shopping list Kevin had emailed to me incase my phone dies while I'm here.

11:05am - Finally done and call Kevin. He's just put GV down for a nap so it's okay for me to go to Sa.m's Club.

11:25am - Walk in and immediately buy a hotdog. I am STARVING. As I start walking around I realize I don't have my phone. I must have left it in the car. Good thing I wrote out my list!

12:05pm - After a loooooong checkout line I walk out $92 poorer. Lots of staples on today's list. I arrive at the car and load everything in. I put the cart away and then get in. My phone's not on the seat, or the cup holders or under the seat. Crap! I must have left it on the Cafe counter or the condiment stand. I walk back and scan both areas and don't see it. Then I ask the cafe lady and she says she hasn't seen it and no one has turned in a phone but to ask the floor manager. Nothing from her and nothing from the member services desk. I walk out seriously annoyed with myself.

12:20pm - Rush back home so I can do my "Find My Phone" app and lock it up before someone calls China. Not sure what to tell Kevin since I know he's going to be super mad. So far this summer I have lost our new camera, my credit card (which someone actually turned in!), our old camera (which I found again), my keys (I know I saw them somewhere!) and the battery door to GV's toy car. I've lost other small things as well but these are the big ticket items. I don't know what's happening to me!

12:35pm - I arrive home and after checking the car thoroughly one last time I start to unload. Kevin comes out to help and when I'm walking back to car I remember that I put my phone in my bra when I got to Sam's. I check and sure enough it's there! I'm an idiot. Kevin puts away the perishables while I go to pee.

12:45pm - Kevin and I talk about his morning. He's managed get GV to eat his breakfast, dressed and has changed a poopy diaper (usually a two man detail since the diaper rash really kicked in). He also started our laundry, vacuumed the living room rug and been on three conference calls while watching GV. Some might call that boasting, you know. I call to reschedule Les's vet appt that I forgot about last Thursday. Kevin decides not to go in to work today and just work from home. I check Faceb.ook and blogs.

1:20pm - Goog.le Voi.ce finally has local (to me) numbers so I sign up for it! I get really bad reception here at the house so it'll be nice to get my phone calls on my computer and through WiFi.

1:40pm - GV wakes up. Kevin and I go in to tackle the diaper change. Kevin always complains that he can't really work from home because GV always bugs him (he does, it's so cute!) but instead of working in his office with his door closed and curtain drawn (his office has a sliding glass door to the FL room) he chooses to work from the living room, dining room or FL room (GV's current favorite room). I use the time to clean up the kitchen (I left the pancake stuff out), empty the dishwasher and put away the rest of the shopping. GV wants another banana pancake so I heat that up along with the two I made for myself. As I'm about to leave the kitchen I see the innards from last night's chicken that we boil for the dogs. I cut them up and bottle the broth.

2:20pm - Sit down to eat breakfast while watching Gle.e. I fast forward to the song and dance numbers. These are the bits GV and I like best.

2:45pm - Check Faceb.ook and my news sites. Really upset about what happened in Neva.da. Also read this interesting article about sper.m donors.

3:00pm - Give GV cheese and watermelon. Then we play and I try to keep him away from Kevin. It doesn't really work.

3:40pm - Get back on the computer checking websites again - Facebo.ok, blogs, evit.e (for our playgroups) and then Faceboo.k again.

4:20pm - Straighten up living room and clear off the kitchen counters again.

4:35pm - Check gmai.l, look up tonight's recipe, Fac.ebook, TOT.

4:50pm - Email back TC(they actually want to hang out with us again!) about going to the aquarium this weekend and then look up how much zoo passes are.

4:55pm - Diaper change and na.ked time again. Sweep the house but GV hides the dust pan so I leave the piles of dog hair & dirt till I can find it.

5:30pm - Diaper on! Wiki calls me on goo.gle voice. She's amazed that I answer. I then start the prep for dinner. We're having this for dinner. I love drunken risotto.

6:00pm - Let's get cooking. Kevin finds the dust pan and finishes. Reheat the veg from last night and then Kevin makes GV some cream cheese toast.

6:25pm - Let's eat! We eat together like a family. But we sit at the coffee table. Watching the news. GV won't sit for more that 5 minutes in his high chair but he'll sit in his chair in the living room and actually eat. Right now him eating is more important so we don't fight him on where he sits to eat.

7:05pm - Back on the computer while GV plays. Word.s w/ Frie.nds on FB. I should be cleaning the kitchen but I'm not.

7:15pm - Kevin gives GV a bath. I'm still on the computer.

7:30pm - I join Kevin and GV for story time.

7:55pm - Nurse GV. He's down to 10 minutes a night. He decides he wants to nurse while holding his book. After 10 minutes let's go of the book and I put it on the table next to us. A couple of minutes later he wants it back and so I put him in bed. Kevin has lightly cleaned up the kitchen (put away dinner, stack the dishes).

8:10pm - Help Kevin fold clothes. I then pick up GV's toys and separate the dog's stuff from his. I glance in the kitchen and decide to wash dishes tomorrow.

8:20pm - Kevin goes for a run and I get on the computer. Blogs, Fac.ebook and more blogs. I start to write this post.

9:00pm - Kevin comes back and after stretching reads his course book (he's taking a work class on Wed evenings) while I'm on the computer.

10:55pm - Kevin goes to bed

11:00pm - I finish this post, publish and go to bed too. After I Les-proof the couches of course (yes, Kevin had to remind me again).

So yes Kevin does a lot but he was also home today. GV ignores me for the most part when Kevin is here so I got in a lot of computer time. But truthfully I usually do get in more TV/computer time than I should.


A said...

Haha, your phone was in your bra?! Hahaha ;-) That is really hilarious!! Maybe I should try to do this...

Life Happens said...

I enjoy reading about your day as a SAHM. I work from home full-time and have someone come in to watch baby while I work and it's still hard because there's so much to do around the house, but I don't have time to do it. I've learned to just let some things go. It's all about prioritizing.

It's nice that your DH was home so you could go to your appt and Sam's.

~Jess said...

I know for me the computer is the BIGGEST time suck of my day. I waste so much time checking and rechecking things.

I'm curious to know what your app would have said about where your phone was :-P

Heading over to read the sperm donor article now.