Sunday, July 1, 2012

GV is Two!

How is it that it was two years ago that I gave birth to the most amazing sweet little boy? Somedays it seems like it was just yesterday and other days I'm worried that I don't remember EVERYTHING anymore.  But then I look back at the blog and I'm reminded.

  • GV is doing so well. He's tall (36 1/2") but still skinny (27 lbs).
  • He's talking all the time now. Mostly at home. He's still a shy thing when we're out with other people he doesn't completely know. He doesn't combine words to make sentences yet. When he talks to me he say "Daddy" and then say "car" but he doesn't say "Daddy is in the car" and he'll always wait till I acknowledge the first word. I don't know if it's because of the way I respond to him or if it's just the stage he's at right now.
  • He and Dave get along really well now. He likes to give her hugs and brush her. And he's gotten really good about stepping around her when she's in his way (she's the type of dog that lies down at your feet). Occasionally she gets annoyed at him and will snap at him. For which she gets put in her cage. But I'm also really careful that I don't leave them in the same room together. Which isn't that hard because if I leave a room Dave will follow me.
  • Les is another story. She spends most of her time in the bedroom (which isn't that much of a change from pre-GV). However when she comes out he will chase her around the house. She usually ends up under the coffee table. Then he tries to reach below to touch her and she gets annoyed (growls). I try to keep him from chasing her but it's hard sometimes because they are both so fast. Occasionally she'll be nice and will stand near (3 ft away) him but most times Les avoids GV at all costs (even a missed dinner or treat).
  • GV got a set of pots and pans for his birthday and they are by far his favorite. Before he got them he would take paper plates and cutlery from where we kept them stored and create a picnic with everyone having a specific setting. It's so cute. Sometimes he'll even dish out his blueberries or grapes so that everyone has some. If he becomes a cook I'll have it made then! Kevin cleans and GV cooks.
  • GV knows there's a baby inside Mommy's tummy.  He'll often see a baby and say "Baby!" and then point to my belly. I'm not showing that much of course but we've let him know that someone is coming.
  • GV is obsessed with two things right now. Bandaids and money. Both words he learned in a flash and he always remembers. If he hasn't got a bandaid on he'll run into my bathroom and pull out the box and then bring it to wherever Kevin and I are and ask us to open one. He will even volunteer to say please. He also likes having quarters.  He will carry them in his pocket and walk around and invent new ways to play with them (today he put them in our Bos.ton Marke.t take out bowls and then put the covers on to make noisemakers). I can usually get him to put them on his dresser before bed but I never leave them in the room overnight with him. He always remembers the next morning about them.
  • For the past three weeks I've been watching Chicklet (Chicken's daughter) three mornings a week. Since Chicken works from home Chicklet usually spends a few days a week with her Grandpa. But Grandpa went on vacation for a month so that left Chicken w/o child care. I was a bit worried about GV not liking having to share me but he's been fine. I think he's enjoyed having Chicklet around. Hopefully it's a good lead in to the arrival of Pineapple.


~Jess said...

They grow up much too fast. My daughter calls quarters "Million dollars".