Saturday, September 27, 2008

For the Dogs!

Today Kevin and I ventured out to a Bark Farm so that we could help out by walking the dogs. Apparently people come out to help clean, feed and water the dogs, but they forget about exercising the dogs. Kevin and I spent two hours walking various dogs. We would have stayed longer but as Kevin was putting one dog away who didn't want to get put away, the dog managed to put the gate between him and Kevin. Kevin's solution was to pull the dog back extra hard. The dog came flying back as well as the gate. It (the gate not the dog) ended up hitting Kevin in the face, knocking the lens of his glasses free. But just the left one and yes he was wearing the new ones. We spent the next 45 minutes sifting through poo and peed wood shavings looking for the lens but it had disappeared into the ether. We went to the vision place to get it fixed, but it was closed so we had lunch instead and Kevin is headed back sometime during the week.