Monday, September 29, 2008

That Kitchen Sink Thing

I've heard of that flylady thing. I've read the book, the blog, and the website. I can do the 27 things in a bag to get rid of without looking back. She talks about the kitchen sink and how one day she decides that she's going to make sure that every night the kitchen sink is cleared. And when she had a handle on that she moved onto the "kitchen sink" for each room. It seems simple enough so I'm going to try. Now seeing as how I HATE doing the dishes I decided to start with the "kitchen sink" in the living room. That's right, the coffee table. So last night, I'll took a before and after picture and then each day I'll take another picture to show you all my progress.



*Yes, that discoloration was caused by me. I was painting my nails when I tipped over the bottle of nail polish remover and then tried to mop up the spill with a napkin. As you can see, not a good idea. Oops!