Friday, September 4, 2009

Road Trip!

I'm waiting here at work for Kevin to come pick me up. We're driving down to Florida today and should make it to my parents house pretty late. But we've been planning this trip for a while. Ever since Chicken told us that she was due at the end of July. I figured she'd have enough visitors the first month that Chicklet was around and now that she's 5-6 weeks or so, she should be less scary. The only baby I've ever had to hold (in my adult years) has been my cousin's kid born back in '99 (cause seriously D gave me no choice, just handed the baby over!). Since then, nobody else. Not that people haven't offered, I just refrained from it. Give me your kid when he/she is 1 or 1 1/2 and I'm great. Younger than that induces all out panic on my part. Great for someone trying to become a mother, right? But people tell me I will change when the kid is my own. I sure hope so.

Once we knew that we were going down for the long weekend and knew that the cruise was coming up we decided to drop the dogs off at my parents. We're gonna be gone for almost two weeks and didn't want to put the dogs in boarding. So we asked my parents and they agreed to meet us half way in October to retrieve the dogs. I'm gonna be a whole month without Dave and Les! This will be the longest Dave and I will be separated since I brought her home from the Pu.blix parking lot! And what's Kevin gonna do? He's really into agility now and the "season" is starting. He's already disappointed that we're going to miss the start of it because we'll be gone, but now we're gonna miss a further two weeks because the dogs will be gone. What is he gonna do those three nights a week he usually goes to classes? We're sure gonna be some case without them!

Wednesday I texted Chicken to make plans - I suggested Kev and I come over on Saturday and then we could do dinner Sunday night. That way I'm spending time with Chicken & Chicklet but still get to spend time with my parents. Chicken texts me back and says Saturday is fine but she needs to talk to me about the rest of the weekend. Yesterday she called me for all of five minutes and says how she and Jon have a strict rule that Sundays are family days. How they're always inundated with family members visiting so for their sanity they receive no visitors on Sunday. So could we do dinner on Saturday instead (whereas I thought us spending the day with them on Saturday included dinner?!?). All I'm thinking in my head is "Seriously? I'm driving 24 hours round trip to come and see you and your kid and you can't have dinner with me, Kev and my parents on Sunday evening?" I know it's unfair but my feelings were hurt. I said something about totally understanding and then she had to get off the phone. I'm not sure if I was hurt because of this incident, because of our IF struggles (you know it factors into everything I'm feeling these days) or because our friendship has been changing (starting before the KU announcement).

Ooh, I started a new crochet project last Friday:
Know what this turns into? This:
I finished it in less than 24 hours. Her name is Chloe and she's for Chicklet. I'm making another one called Kylee. She's gonna be a bear.
I'm not happy with Chloe's head (looks kind of messed up to me)
so I might redo it before tomorrow. Kevin asked me if I needed a book for the drive tonight and I was like "Nope! Got my crocheting to do!"


A said...

I am SO impressed with your crocheting!! WOW. I am also impressed that you're driving to see Chicken/let this weekend- what a great friend! And I totally would have been a little hurt, too, by the Sunday dinner thing- given how far you are driving!!

Hope to talk soon!