Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vacation Side Effects

It's because I'm going on vacation. I know it is. Two weeks from right now I'll be on a boat in Istanbul probably crashed out and wanting to sleep forever. Either that or be so hyped up that neither jet lag nor a 33 hour day is going to convince my brain that it's now 10:30pm and not 3:30pm. Anyhoo, I know the reason I've been so busy (and will continue to be till the day I leave) is because I'm going on vacation. Work is busy, agility is busy, soccer is busy...I got an invitation to join the Fall BSC and I don't think I can do it. I want to, but it means another evening away from home when I already spend most of my evenings away from home. I've got a little while to decide so we'll see.
Sooooooo, last Tuesday R from Dr. Grrr's office called me. She was calling to settle up my account and I happened to mention that I was on CD29 with no sign of ovulation or AF. I might have mentioned that I had some leftover Provera from that one cycle. She talked to Dr. Grrr and called me back. They thought it would be a good idea for me to take the Provera just so that I didn't go 2 months without a cycle.
Wednesday I called R back. See, I read A's post where she mentioned that since she can't get monitored she's doing Clomid for another month. Then I thought "Hey, maybe I could do the same thing." Clomid worked to get me to ovulate, even if I had to take 150mg. I talked to R and explained that we were planning on starting up again in October (which was true) but that we might be interested in TTCing in September though. And how I was going on vacation so I couldn't do injectibles (which I have decided are a waste of money for me) but that maybe I could do 5 days of 150mgs Clomid. She talked to Dr. Grrr and called me back. I was a go!
Tonight is my last night of Provera (I only had 8 pills left — I took one when I got the Rx, don't ask me where the other one went). Hopefully AF will show up on Monday — totally selfish here, but can I tell you how grateful I am that it worked out that AF will be here next week instead of the week after?!? Thank you GOD! — and so Clomid will be the end of next week and peak ovulation time will be while I'm on the cruise! Who knows what will happen on a honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean. ;P


A said...

All right! A clomid+cruise baby, comin' right up!

Hillary said...

Yeah! Glad you get to cycle while on vacation :)

~Jess said...

That would be so awesome if it worked this cycle! I hope you guys have a great time on vacation :-)