Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday Week

Lots of things have happening in the past week. Let's start at the beginning:
Monday: Because of the new agility schedule we couldn't skip our Monday class. So we went to class. At the end of the class the ladies asked me if I was going to get a cake and I said I didn't know. Well when we got home there was that baking scent in the air. Sure enough in the kitchen was a cake that Kevin had baked. Seems after I left that morning, Kevin changed into his work clothes and drove to work (he usually bikes to/from work so he packs his work clothes so that he can change at the office). Then at lunch time he came home to bake me a cake from scratch! It was delish! Although now we have to try to finish it off before we take off this weekend.
Tuesday: OB Appt! Simple compared to last time. They asked me more questions and told me the results of my bloodwork from last appt but the best part was listening to the heartbeat on the doppler! Heartbeat was 158bpm.
That night I had a bunco game and as I was on the way home, my Nino(Godfather) called to congratulate us. Guess myMom took "after the appt" seriously and started telling family right away.
Wednesday: We finally went to Red L.obster to have my traditional snow crab dinner. No more birthday stuff till next year, I guess. I talked to myMom and she gave me the list of people she's already told. She's not slacking!
Thursday: In the morning Kevin sent me an email:

From: Kevin
To: The Wife
Subject: FW:

It's a baby boom.
Subject: RE:
From: J.H. (Kevin's best mate)
To: Kevin

Bun>oven update… Both the Vs and the Gs are expecting new babies next year. The Vs are due in April and the Gs are due in May.

C.J. is also expanding his family and S’s (J.H.'s wife) brother will be getting married in September so it looks like Hallmark will be making a nice profit from me next year!
All the various mentions are guys that Kevin grew up with. They all went to secondary school together so they've known each other since the about the age of 11. This is the second baby for all of them. The Gs have a 1 year old (2 in May) and the Vs have a 2 year old (3 in May).

So Kevin decided to go ahead and let the Hs know about us too! Other than his family they're the first people he's told. I don't know if he's planning on telling the rest of the boys though. We'll see.


Amanda said...

Well, I guess I missed it, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Glad the appointment went well and welcome to the second trimester.

A said...

Sounds like you've been having alot of fun :) Do you have a bump yet? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!