Thursday, December 3, 2009

Normal Again

This morning I woke up with the worst dehydration/hunger headache I've had in a long time. I'm thinking it was dehydration mainly because I can't stand being hungry so I eat all the time. I had an extra cup of milk with breakfast. The drive in was horrible because the whole time my head was throbbing. Of course it didn't go away fast enough. Not till about an hour after lunch. But if nothing else, it's forced me to drink a lot of water today.
So Chicken knows now. I called her three times during the first weekend that Mum and Dad were around but she never called me back. Monday I left a message on Chicken's FB page telling her to call me. That seemed to work as she called me when I was on my way to the airport to see Mum and Dad off. I told her about the baby and that it was due 2 weeks before her wedding. I was pretty sure she wasn't realizing the timeline. Anyways we talked for a bit and she had all kinds of advice.
On Tuesday, she emailed me and confirmed that she "totally misunderstood the birth date in my excitement." She gave me an out if I didn't think I could be her bridesmaid. But I told her that unless this baby chooses to show up late, I would be there. She's sending me her copy of "What to Expect." She also said that I should get my dress around the 6th month since the baby books tell you to pack those clothes for after the birth.
I've given myParents the date of the 8th (after the appt.) for being able to tell anyone they want. It was hard enough to get them to agree, I didn't think I could make them wait out the holidays. I think I might send out Christmas cards this year that I sign, "The Wife, Kevin & Baby M (due in June!)" That's not too tacky right? Of course most would know by then because of myParents.
Tonight my youth team starts practicing for indoor. The league doesn't start till January and we're only practicing one day a week. I know I probably need to tell the DOC before I tell my team. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do for the spring season. The winter season(indoor) lasts January-February and then the Spring Season starts in March and goes through Memorial Day(May). I've decided I'm going to do as much of the Winter season as I can. I will be 26 weeks the first week of March. For anyone near that or that can remember, how mobile are you at that point? I'm encouraged because physically, I've had a pretty easy pregnancy thus far, but you never know.


Amanda said...

Maybe your headache is a warning to you to consume more water constantly. I had a terrible thirst early on and if I didn't drink enough I'd have a headache. If I didn't drink at night when I got up to go to the bathroom I'd wake up in the morning with a headache. You're blood volume is building now, so you can't skimp on hydration and get away with it. Try a flavored water or carbonated water, or maybe crystal light or something. Make sure it's enough that you have to go every 2-3 hours during the day and it comes out nearly clear when you do.

My belly has a definitely has a speed limit, and it's quite a bit slower than my normal speed. I wasn't nearly as active as you to begin with, but even just going for walks with my husband, I have to yell at him to keep slowing down because my belly would cramp up if I went too fast. But everyone is different, so it may not be an issue for you. But beware the round ligaments pains, they would get me occasionally and when those happen you really have to just stop and wait for it to pass which can take a min or two. I think it's fine to try to maintain your level of activity, but really pay attention to the signals your body gives you and slow down/rest as soon as you start getting them. Invest in a good support belt, I hear they are really helpful for running and such. Chicklet at has lots of posts about running while pregnant.

Beth said...

I haven't been pregnant in a million years (or rather 12 years & 8 days, but who's counting?) so I'm of no help in that regard, but I love, love, love the Christmas card/prego announcement! :) Then I can talk to the kids & Chandy (& Wiki!)about it. I HAD to tell Michael, of course, but he's not talkin'.

A said...

I would probably send out Christmas cards like that to anyone with kids already or old relatives, but I'd probably leave it off any cards where I wasn't sure if the couple was dealing with IF, etc. (Different if you've already told them, though). I had a couple out of the blue cards like that last year, and it was not the easiest thing to deal with ;-)

That is so exciting that Chicken understands!! Anyone else close to you that you haven't told yet? I can't wait to announce ours to our families :) :)