Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wiki has landed

Wiki is on her way to RIC now (probably after stopping for food though). She flew in Norfolk because Southw.est doesn't fly here. My cousin who lives in Va Beach (who I very rarely see) is driving her into town because Kevin wasn't too comfortable with me driving out to get her (around a 2 hour trip each way).  Luckily my cousin was actually free this afternoon.

I still haven't cleared out the office yet.  Maybe she can sleep in GV's room for tonight. I did clean the kitchen floors though! Which was the one thing Kevin asked me to do. He mentioned vacuuming but then didn't bring the vacuum downstairs (it's really heavy and I'm not so good walking downstairs when I'm not pregnant) this morning. So I'll just wait till he gets home or do it tomorrow.

I also managed to finish addressing the birth announcements. I had them preship the envelopes. I also ordered 5 extra in case of really bad mistakes (I believe in white-out as long as you get the name bit right) but somehow my order of 55 + 5 turned into 67. Yeah, not sure about their math. But I'm going to have to order more because of myDad's side of the family. I'm sending it to his brothers and sisters (plus my cousins who actually live on their own) and aunts and uncles but not his cousins. It was still a lot though.

Okay I gotta get back to cleaning.


Amanda said...

That's a good idea to pre-address the birth announcements. We had planned on just printing them on the envelope but then we found out our printer won't do envelopes (software glitch apparently), so I sat up, sleep deprived doing them one night.

Andrea said...

You're getting so close!!

That is such a great idea to pre-address the envelopes. Why didn't I think of that!? I didn't send out nearly as many as I wanted to and that's why...I just didn't have the time or energy to decide who to send them to and to address the envelopes.

jones said...

wow - preaddressed announcements - you are waay ahead of the curve!

A said...

i am so impressed at pre-addressing the announcements! wow! congratulations- you're almost going to meet GV!