Sunday, June 6, 2010


So I am still here, still pregnant and impatient for GV to make his appearance.  People ask me if I'm ready to not be pregnant and really the answer is no.  Not that I loved being pregnant, but physically, it hasn't been a huge adjustment for me.  I didn't have any of the yucky symptoms that usually come, I've only gained 16 lbs and I'm still just as mobile & agile (with a few extra pains). Mentally it's been a tough nine months. The anxiety and worry have been hard to deal with. Especially since normally I'm a positive happy-go-lucky kind of person.  But I've only flipped out so much that I had to call the doctor once. Since then I've been able to talk myself down from the ledge.

So a few changes:

  • I'm now on maternity leave.  Friday was my last day of work!  Because of Kevin's job situation I don't know if I'm going back.  I haven't decided if I want to be a SAHM, WAHM or what.  For now we need the insurance coverage so as far as work knows I'm coming back.
  • We have decided to do hybrid diapers. This is where you use an outer cloth with a disposable insert.  The inserts are all natural so you can compost them (or flush them down the toilet). The brand we're using is gdiapers.  They are seriously the cutest thing ever.  I managed to score an awesome deal with ama.zon for earth day so I have about a 4 month supply sitting in GV's room.
  • His furniture has still not shown up.  Officially they said 10-14 weeks, unofficially she said it'd be more like 6-8 weeks, but I was hoping it would be here by now. Yesterday was the 6 week mark.
  • I finished organizing the kid's room yesterday! It no longer has stuff piled everywhere. I managed to find most everything a spot. Don't know how long this organization is going to last but I'm hoping a little while at least.
  • The office is still is a disaster zone but at least everything that is suppose to be in there is actually in there. I have until Friday to actually get everything put away.
  • Why Friday? Cause that's when Wiki is coming! She's heading up here for a week and a half.  Hopefully GV will show up earlier during her visit.
Okay, that's it for now. I'll post more later.


Amanda said...

I'm glad to hear that you have done so well with the pregnancy. I hope the birthing goes as well.

I guess the bight side of the furniture situation is that you don't need it too much at first (as long as you have a comfortable place to change him, bending over to change a screaming newborn 12+ times a day is a little hard on the back).

I'll be honest with you, I have never used gdiapers, but I have heard a lot of mixed reviews for them. If you find out they don't work for you, you can always try snapping a prefold under the pants or try a Grovia biosoaker in one instead of the gdiaper flushies. But you're right, they are cute. And if all else fails, you can sell them and probably get some money back on FSOT on diaperswappers. But I hope they work out.

~Jess said...

A friend of mine uses gdiapers and she loves them (we use BumGenius3.0). I was ok with being pregnant...yea, I was getting a bit uncomfortable, but I was loving being so close to DD.
Don't worry about the furniture too much. We used a bassinet in our room for the first 2 months. Thinking of you!