Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today Today Today Today

Today is myMom's birthday. She's turning 57. I'm 32. When I'm 57 GV will be 24. If he waits as long to have kids as I did (plus thanks to IF it took a longer than average time to happen) then I will be 65 when I get my first grandchild. It's so weird to think that far in the future. My prayer is that both of us are still around in 2034.

Today is my 2nd Blogoversary. Yep! Two years ago today Dr. P and I came up with a plan to fight PCOS (which I didn't have) with weight loss (didn't happen) and clomid (which worked but 15 months later). My life is so different now. Even from a year ago. Sometimes it's still a bit surreal. Sometimes I just want to hug GV a little bit longer and harder than necessary because I still can't believe he's real and he's here and he's mine (ours). When will that feeling stop? Do I want it to?

Today the furniture people called and said that they're for sure delivering tomorrow. After 15 weeks it has arrived in the RIC and is on it's way to my house. Of course the owner of said furniture store called and tried to get me to make that first payment again before he would deliver the furniture. See I disputed the original charge with VISA after the third time they postponed my delivery date. I then conferenced the CC company who told him that he HAD to deliver the furniture before VISA would release the funds they seized. She very nicely explained that I was not holding onto the money, VISA was and that VISA would release only on proof of delivery. So anyways, GV will finally have a crib and dresser! And he only had to wait till he was 8 weeks old! As a side note the owner of the furniture store was the original owner of my house (it was built in 1992). Small world.

Today they put the FOR RENT sign on my house. That makes me a bit sad to think of moving out of this house. This is our first house. The house we chose together, the house we got engaged in (literally), got married in, struggled with TTC in and then welcomed GV home to.  Even though I gripe about this house sometimes, I don't want to leave.

So about the whole DH job situation, Kevin's last day on the job was July 30th. Fortunately about a week after we got back from Chicken's wedding (June 26th) a recruiter called Kevin and asked him if he would be interested in a job in Ta.mpa Bay (I don't think I've mentioned where in Florida I grew up but it's Well the job is in St.P which is just across the bay.  So he said sure and a couple of phone interviews later they wanted him to travel down for a face to face interview on July 22nd.  He was only gone overnight (I did fine on my own with GV) and by Friday he had a verbal offer.  So we're moving. I'm excited to be moving back to family and friends. I wanted GV to grow up with family. But I'm not excited about going back to Florida. I don't like the heat, the humidity, the beach or the traffic. But I like having an income, I love my family and I really love that with the new salary Kevin is getting we can afford for me to stay home with GV. My goal is to start freelancing again when GV is about 6 months old.

This weekend is GV's baptism.  We decided to do it at the church we got married at here in RVA.  My grandfather (who is my confirmation sponsor) and Wiki are going to be the godparents. They along with my parents are coming up this weekend. On top of that Mum & Dad are here (till the 22nd) so we're going to have a full house! Well only during the day.  Gpa, Wiki, myMom and myDad are all staying at a hotel. Not a normal thing for my family (we usually cramp into the house no matter how many people) but we only have one bed at the moment (Kevin and I are sleeping on an air mattress) so we made an exception.

I promise the next update will come sooner. I'm still reading, mainly on my which doesn't lend itself to posting or commenting very well, so keep me updated too!


Andrea said...

How exciting that you are moving and that you can stay home with GV! I understand about not liking the humidity though. Ugg, it's been awful here in Charlotte.