Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello Friends. Yes it's me and I've been a bad blogger. Both reading and commenting. A few days I can blame on not having an internet connection at home but not really since I have an ip.hone.

Things are going well. We're in St.P now in our furnished luxury apartment. We've got the place for the next 30 days, possibly 60 days if we can't find a house in time. Hopefully we will.  I'm a bit worried about our realtor though because she seems like and expert in St.P but when it comes to TPA she is woeful. As in when we said South TPA she gave us Rivervi.ew.  Rivervi.ew is 20 miles away!!! So right now we're concentrating on St.P and if we can't find anything we might ask for a new realtor that specializes in South TPA.

GV is doing fantastic. He's asleep right now, which is great because it's the first time since we moved that he's actually gone to sleep at his bedtime. Of course first he had to nurse for 50 minutes. We haven't had one of those since the first few weeks. He usually only nurses for 15-20 minutes.

The best though is that he's sleeping through the night! Yes! I know I'm jinxing myself by telling you all but I'm super excited about it.  First he dropped his 2am feeding at 6 weeks. Then he dropped sleeping between his 8pm and 11pm feeding. At 9 weeks I got him to sleep again between the 8pm and 11pm feeding but then he would only feed about 5 minutes at 11pm and reintroduced the 2am feed. Then when we stayed at the hotel (10 weeks) after the movers came he was sleeping so deeply that I didn't want to wake him for his 11pm feed. So I let him sleep. And he did! Till like 5am! Woohoo! So he's now gotten rid of the 11pm and 2am feed. Now we just need to work on the last one, the 5am feed. Then we'll be going 8pm to 8am! Almost there! The other night he woke up at 2am cause his legs got caught between the slats in his crib and wouldn't go back to sleep w/o a feeding and I was worried about him reverting but nope, he's still sleeping to about 5am to 6am.  Here's to hoping that it stays this way!

BTW, this is post #300. 


Life Happens said...

Glad to hear you are slowing getting adjusted down in St. P.

Yay for baby sleeping through the night!

~Jess said...

That is fantastic! Enjoy it! One thing I learned is it can all change at the drop of a hat...hopefully it doesn't :-)