Sunday, September 19, 2010

3 months

So GV is 3 months old now! Wow! He's 13w5d today. Last time I weighed him he was 17.5 lbs already! Yes, I have a "healthy" baby.  Our RIC pediatrician told us it would take 9 months to double his birthweight and GV is going to do it by 4 months probably.

He smiles all the time now (it took him till 7 weeks to actually smile) but of course we couldn't get one out of him when he did his 3 month pictures last Wednesday.

He still hates pacifiers but will happily suck/chew on his or my fingers.

He loves sleeping but hates falling asleep. His morning nap is the surest. He fall asleep on his own and sleep for about 2 hours around 95% of the time. His noon nap is about an 80% probability that he will fall asleep on his own and sleep for 2 hours. His afternoon nap is about 50/50. Sometimes he'll sleep and sometimes he won't. Sometimes he'll put himself to sleep and sometimes I have to hold him (very still) till he falls asleep. Sometimes he sleeps for 2 hours and sometimes I can only get 1/2 out of him. This one is the most annoying because usually I'm trying to clean up and make dinner before Kevin gets home.  And then it doesn't happen because I'm entertaining the kid or holding him and walking around the kitchen island in circles. His evening nap only has about a 5% success rate.  Sometimes I don't even try.  I just wait till 9pm when I KNOW he'll fall asleep. I know I should make his bedtime earlier but when I did it backfired hugely on me and he was getting so upset that by the time I got him to calm down and actually relax enough to fall asleep it was 10:30pm. So we're sticking to 9pm for now.  But once he's down for the night it's usually till 5 or 6 the next morning. This past week he even made it to 7:30 (his usual wake up time) a couple of times.

I'm doing good. At 3 weeks after GV was born I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I want to work on losing some weight between GV and the next one (hopefully!) but I'm waiting till he weans. And yes I'm thinking I'm going to let him self wean.

We are still looking for a house. Maybe I'm just pickier than I thought but I seriously didn't think that it would be this hard - 4 bedrooms, 1800+ sq ft., nice kitchen, garage/off street parking, nice neighborhood, enough yard for the dogs (not that much really) and 30 minute max. commute to work for Kevin. It's got to be out there somewhere.