Thursday, March 8, 2012

It might be secondary...

We ended up having to turn GV's crib into a toddler bed because he was getting worse and started to climb on top of the rail. That opened up a whole 'nother can of worms because then we had to start locking him in his room. It's so hard to go from a kid who went down for naps and bedtime so easily to having to lock him in his room. But he's getting better.
The past three days if I leave his door open for nap he'll go to sleep with minimal fuss (if any). Tonight at bedtime he protested at us closing the door but didn't start screaming. We heard him test the door knob a couple of times about 10 minutes later but he didn't start crying when he learned he was still locked in.
I don't know if he's sleeping on the bed though. One time when I went in to turn off his fan he was asleep on the floor next to his books. I'm okay if he wants to play/read a bit as long as he stays in his room.
GV has also started being able to turn regular door knobs. He's been able to open most of the doors in the house because they're the French style door knobs but the front door and the garage door are normal ones. I went to Ta.rget today to get the plastic caps for those and some more plug covers. For an old house we sure do have a lot of outlets!
I also got an air freshener for his room because his room stinks. If I walk into his room after the door's been closed for a while it really hits me. It's like it's a teenage boy's room not a baby boy. Kevin says he can't smell it but I can!
This weekend the first of GV's friends turns two! I can't believe it! That means it will be GV's second birthday before I know it. He won't be a baby anymore. Truthfully I'm looking forward to it because I love kids between the ages of 3-11.
GV is still not talking much. I've been working on the letters A-H, colors and shapes with him and if I ask him to pick it out he almost always gets it right but he won't say the words.


After three cycles of actually working my body has quit on the fourth. My current cycle started on Jan 12th and it seems I never ovulated. I thought I had because of an ovulation test (on Feb 1st) but I read it wrong. Of course I didn't realize this till after AF never showed up. It was so exciting when that 2ww was 1 day over and then 2 and then 3. I tested on the 3rd day (feb 18th) and was so shocked when it was a BFN. So I waited a couple of days and AF didn't show up. I retested on the 21st and it was still a BFN. So I called New-Dr.-G and got a prescription for Provera. And it sat at the pharmacy because I kept convincing myself that I had just ovulated and so I couldn't ethically take it. But then I tested again this past Monday (CD54) and after yet another BFN I made myself call and fill the prescription. Today is day 2 of 5. The good news is that I'll have Clomid this time around.


Life Happens said...

He is a sart kid. Is he really almost 2??!!! Time flies. I hope his sleeping gets better.

Angie said...


I saw you on LFCA. I would guess you ovulated late, really late, and are only 4-5 weeks pregnant. Definitely not 8-9 weeks. Did you tell your doctor's office about the provera? It can cause birth defects, so I would be a bit concerned about that, and also provera raises your progesterone levels, and then they may (have) dropped when you stopped it abruptly, putting you at risk to miscarry. If your doctor won't even order a progesterone test for you ASAP after you've explained that you took provera, I would find a new doctor, personally. (I got a BFP about cd 90 with my daughter, it turned out I was about 4 weeks pregnant, I just ovulated really late. So I wouldn't worry about the BFP showing up late. I also had just taken medicine to end the cycle (Prometrium though, not provera, prometrium is considered a lot safer and routinely prescribed for pregnancy). Anyway, the only thing that you can really do anything about right now is your progesterone levels, so those I would have checked.