Monday, February 20, 2012

Sleeping Phase

I'm going to try posting with my phone but usually it just turns into a hot mess and I abandon before I post. Right now I'm lying down on my guest bed with a sleeping GV next to me. This is the only way lately that we can get him to sleep. One of us has to be sleeping next to him. And usually I can move him to his own bed but tonight I have tried twice and failed. Third time's the charm right? It started last week when I noticed that GV was eating pretty much everything that I was putting in front of him. I was so excited about that that I didn't notice that he was pushing his bed time to later and later asking for more books or one more hug or turning off the light one more time. Instead of being out of his room by 8 it was more like 9 and he was still fussing. Well one night it just didn't end. For an entire hour he was alternating between crying, shouting and calling us. We tried CIO but it just wasn't working. Finally Kevin just went in and slept on the floor next to him and he fell back asleep. Now he doesn't want to nap either. But he falls asleep later in the day so I know he still needs that nap. I'm not sure if this is a phase or a growth spurt or what brought it on. Kevin and I are running out of ideas as to how to fix it.


Amanda said...

Good luck. Sleep issues are awful because you're usually tired too. Michael has never had this particular issue, thankfully. Can you leave after he goes down, because that's what I would do. Get a rail for the bed if you are worried about him falling off. If you can get away after he gets to sleep you can work on getting him to go to sleep by him self later. Maybe he's ready for a big boy bed too. We switched Michael around 22 months (we just converted his crib). And don't forget, time changes soon, so expect that to shake things up again too, so maybe don't put too much pressure on until that's out of the way.