Saturday, September 1, 2012

Painting Labor Day Weekend

Back before we knew Pineapple's gender Kevin and I planned on choosing a scheme and painting her room as soon as possible. I wanted to the room to air out and get the funky smells out way before she arrived. And then we found out she was a girl and the options were just so numerous that I wasn't quite sure what to do. I knew I didn't want pink (or a lot of it) and so was looking at purple/cream bedding sets. But I couldn't see anything I liked. Also I think GV's room has an expiration date (it will need to be changed by kindergarten probably) and so I didn't want Pineapple's too as well.

So now we're at 28 weeks and this 3-day weekend was coming up and myDad had the whole weekend off. I spent the week looking online for inspiration. Kevin nixed my wallpaper idea before it could even take shape and so that left me with doing some kind of paint treatment. And I love stripes so I knew it would be some kind of stripe. At first I was thinking a thick horizontal stripe but then while at I saw a vertical purple striped room with a green ceiling and I knew it was what I wanted. So today was painting day #1.

We've got some kind of water leak in Pineapple's room, I'm not sure where it's coming from but because the house is so old it's causing the ceiling to dissolve. So in the middle of painting the room, myDad is also having to do ceiling repairs. Plus all the ceilings and walls have this "knockdown" texture all over them so we've got to replace that in the damaged areas. But today we did most of the ceiling painting and the first coat of wall paint (minus where the green paint and purple paint meet up). Tomorrow we'll hopefully finish off the ceiling repairs and paint and then we've got to move the g/p tape and finish up the first coat of purple paint. I didn't realize it was going to get so complicated. Maybe a 3-day weekend isn't long enough.


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We did our first's room neutral so she can grow with it, but the babies' room is going to have to change, since it's just "jungle" right now and will be nautical once it's just the boys in there. Fortunately, I love painting.