Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last night was so much fun. GV had decided that he wanted to be a ghost. Because I didn't think he would wear a costume over his head the whole night I decided I was going to make him a costume. Mind, my sewing machine hasn't seen the light of day since before we moved here (over 2 years go!) this was a little crazy for me. But I found a pattern that I liked, bought the fabric and did the needful. I finished the day before Halloween.

And I got GV to wear it for about 30 seconds when I bribed him with TV. Then yesterday when he was napping I decided to make white pants to match.
Fully prepared to have him look like a newbie painter, I was pleasantly surprised when he not only put the cape on but wore it the whole time we went trick or treating.
He loved shouting "Boo!" and he had practiced his "Trick or Treat"s and "Thank you!"s but it took a few houses before he was brave enough to use them.

We did the shortest loop through the neighborhood but he got so much candy that his bucket was full half way through. I had brought a back-up bag but he refused to move his candy. We tried once and almost had a melt-down and then when we had no choice we made him. Cue meltdown two houses before we were back on our block. It took a while to get him to calm down (Kevin didn't really help because sometimes he forgets that GV is TWO!) but then he carried both bags around. So next year we take a bigger bucket.

It was also Kevin's first real trick-or-treating experience. It was kind of weird having to explain all the "rules" to him. Things we take for granted. No, I haven't raided GV's candy yet but only because we have pass-out candy left over.


Courtney said...

Love homemade costumes. They have so much more character than store-bought. Alas, my son wanted to be Spiderman.

Maybe next year!

wendy said...

can i tell you how jealous i am? my three are 11, 9 and 7 and i have yet to get a single ghost for halloween. your GV looked amazing. thanks so much for sharing the pictures : )
looking forward to reading you throughout the month; happy nablopomo!

Anonymous said...

I love that you made a story with the halloween costume photos. He will love that when he is older. Probably wont admit it until the teen years have passed though! Lol
Keep writing family stories and preserving those snippets of who you all are for the generations who ar eyet to come! Good luck and good writing <3 Mom aka Kassie