Monday, July 27, 2009


Kevin and I had a good weekend. I convinced him on Saturday to go clothes shopping for him. And a few items for me. I used the excuse of getting him clothes for his birthday as well as clothes for the cruise to get him to go. I use to hate shopping with him. We'd make a list of all the stores we would need to go to and then we'd get to the first store and he'd complain that he had a headache and was tired and wanted to go home. Yes, this is my husband, not my three year old child. It got to the point that other than the grocery store and's Cl.ub, I refused to go anywhere with him. But he's gotten a better attitude and I've gotten better at stragegically planning the trips. Like I always end the trip with a visit to K.ohl's which is Kevin's favorite department store. He'll go in there and come out with at least 3 or 4 shirts for work. Even if he doesn't NEED any new ones. Strangely, they are a weakness for him.

So I shaped up pretty good at taking my bbts this cycle. I got in IUI day, 1DPIUI, 2DPIUI, 5DPIUI, 7DPIUI, 8DPIUI, 10DPIUI, 11DPIUI and today. IUI, 1DPIUI, & 2DPIUI were normal, with normal ovulation shifting temps, but then on 5DPIUI there was a huge jump and I started to get excited. These temps were the highest of any temps I've ever gotten since I started charting last October. So last night I was looking at the pattern rather than the temps and there's not a second shift. I doubt implantation would have occured before 5DPO so I would have needed to see a second shift sometime between 5DP0 and 10DPO and there hasn't been. And then this morning my bbt plummeted. 97.93°. Still above the coverline, but I think it's on it's way down. AF will probably arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. Or maybe even tomorrow as I'm starting to feel AF/uterus pains. But I'm hoping Thursday because then that will mean another normal LP.

The other thing I've been thinking about is the twinges I've been having in the left ovary area. I looked back at the blog and realized that around 9-10DPO last cycle I was having the same thing and if I had to describe it the best description is that twinge you get before you're about to ovulate and your follies are growing. Last cycle I just dismissed it but then this cycle ended up being delayed because I had a 15mm follicle on the left side at my menses test. And this cycle I've had the same twinges around 9-10DPO so I'm thinking if we did a menses check we're prolly going to find another largish follicle.
Now I'm about 95% sure this cycle didn't work. It was the best shot we've had since we started this whole TTC thing. I've been a little emotional about it but mostly calm. I decided not to say anything to Kevin until AF shows up. Usually in the mornings he'll ask me about my temp but this morning he didn't. Maybe he can tell.


Andrea said...

*HUG* I remember all of that charting anxiety. I used to hate seeing my temps drop and would always go stalk people's charts on FF trying to see if any pregnancy charts had a drop that late. I'm glad that your LP has been long this cycle though, hopefully you'll go another day so you can have a healthy one. I'm praying that this really IS the cycle for you and that the temp drop doesn't mean anything, but even if this is just another slow step to pregnancy, I'll keep praying every cycle!

Amanda said...

Ick, that temp drop is discouraging, but your charts tend to be a bit bouncy and maybe it's not really indicative of anything. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I hope the homestudy and upcoming cruise give you better things to think about for the next couple days.

Hillary said...

Aw, that temp drop is cruel. I'm sorry!! :( Back in the days when I actually would look at people's charts on FF to compare to mine I DID see people with BFP's who had a drop above coverline but were still pregnant. So it does happen, but it's hard not to get discouraged. Thinking of you...

A said...

Oh fu...dge. I am charting this cycle so my friend K and I can compare charts, but I haven't since January, and won't next cycle, if there is one! I am only 8dpo, and I am scared to death of the temp drop!!! Like everyone else, I am keeping you in my prayers!!

~Jess said...

*hugs* The whole charting thing is so stressful...I always was waking up at weird hours out of the blue: Of course our successful cycle I didn't chart and now I wish I had it to reference.

Hang in there.

(PS I got your honest scrap award: Thank you! I'm hoping to get it posted before this weekend on my blog).