Monday, July 6, 2009

CD8 appt

Today was the u/s appt with Dr. Grrr. I showed up a little early so that I could read my book so of course, I got seen right away. He found 4 small follicles (>4mm) on the left ovary and one 7.7mm on the right and one slightly smaller. I'm not happy with the results. Today is CD8. Last cycle I started HMG one day later, only had 4 doses (2 of those were only 225iu!) and came in one day earlier for an ultrasound and I had a 9mm follicle. This cycle I had 5 full doses (at 300iu) plus Lupron and all I got was four barely there follicles and two slightly larger follicles. Then Dr. Grrr starts talking to me about things I should start thinking about. He tells me that at most his guideline is for no more than twins. So with these 6 follies, he sees two possible scenarios:
  1. Two mature and all goes as planned.
  2. All six (or more than two mature).
If situ 2 happens, I either
  1. do an IUI and selectively reduce to twins after the fact,
  2. skip this cycle all together,
  3. convert this cycle to IVF.
Hello! WTF! It's CD8! There's hardly anything there! What the heck are you talking about. I tell him that I won't selectively reduce and that Kevin and are uncomfortable with IVF so that if too many mature, we'll sit this cycle out. He then tells me that Kevin and I should come in for an IVF consultation to learn about our options and I again tell him that we're not doing IVF. He just looks at me like I'm being a moron. When I left his office I was so mad. I called Kevin to tell him about it and he was just as indignant.

So I've been reading up on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' teachings on "Reproductive Technologies". According to them there are seven "technologies" that are compatible with Catholic teachings. Looking at the list, we're doing okay. Some hiccups, but mainly okay. Then there's the list of what you can't do. The list is long but basically any procedure which adds a "third party" into the act of conception, or which substitute a laboratory procedure for intercourse, are not acceptable.
I was a little dismayed when I read up on this because we had just done our first IUI. The problem wasn't with the IUI itself, it was more the collection method. IUIs of "licitly obtained" (normal intercourse with a special are still under discussion so I was considering asking Dr. Grrr about that. But judging from his behavior today I doubt he'd be open to it.
The last option we would have which is under discussion is Gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT). Again, it's been neither approved nor dissapproved and requires a laproscopy, but at least I know I have one more option.
So knowing all this, I still think we're going to do an IUI this cycle. It's like Kevin says - If this is it, let's throw everything at it. I will find out about those con.doms though, but I'm not banking on them being an option. And if Dr. Grrr brings up IVF again, I'll bring up GIFT. Or Low Tubal Ovum Transfer (LTOT). Should be interesting.


Hillary said...

I'm sorry for the super frustrating appointment!! :(

I fear a similar response from our doctor since, at this point, we are not open to doing IVF. There just isn't much room in the world of ART for those of us shying away from the 'big guns' for one reason or another.

Amanda said...

It does seem a bit early to be talking about HOM.

I've thought a lot about the church's stance on reproductive technologies and my personal opinion is that it's up to God. If you get pregnant through any kind of reproductive technology, it's because God made it so. We did IUI's (collected in an illicit manner cause the whole special thing wasn't possible here either) but I really don't feel anything was wrong with that because the church teaches that sex is suppose to be for reproduction and it didn't seem like sex was doing that for us, whereas an IUI did. There was definitely room for 'God's plan' in the choices we made in my opinion. But those are just my opinions and it's up to you to decide what you are comfortable with. I certainly don't regret it.

A said...

FWIW, I agree totally with Amanda.

I am always intrigued that they cancel IUI's if there are too many follicles. They are honestly afraid all 6 will fertilize AND implant, when NONE of the eggs have ever done that before during your infertility?! I guess it is possible (and we wouldn't do selective reduction either), but I think I would laugh if they told me they thought all of then would make babies after I've never had success before.

Praying this IUI is IT!