Friday, August 7, 2009


The first of Kevin's b-days that I was in charge of was in 2006. We had just gotten back from a wedding in England and so were in recovery mode. We went out to dinner including dessert (the norm for the Mos), he got his gifts and that was that. Then later that week while on the phone with his mother (in clear hearing distance) he happened to mention how he didn't get a cake.
One year later, in 2007, I went to Kro.ger to get him a cake. He had just gotten his car and so I got him all car themed gifts. Later that week while on the phone with his mother (in clear hearing distance again) he mentioned how he got a store-bought cake and all his gifts were for his car, not him.
In 2008 we happened to be in NYC for his birthday, with his parents. I didn't buy him a gift because he had told me that he was at an age (31) where he didn't need presents anymore when I had asked him a week earlier what he wanted. Well his parents brought him loads of gifts. When we got home, Kevin again mentioned the lack of cake.
So Birthday 2009 was looming. It happened to be the day of our 3rd Homestudy appt, but not wanting it appear more important than his birthday, I actually baked this. Along with home-made ice cream.

The cake was so dense that we actually had smaller than average pieces. It lasted about a week (which is usually unheard of here). Yes, he got presents this year, but I just wrapped the clothes we had bought the weekend before.
Dave got this for him:

About two months ago, she decided that it was a good idea to eat the one we had. I think it was a bit cheeky to wait till his birthday to replace it...


Beth said...

I hope he told his mum (within your hearing distance) about the cake! :)