Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Rundown

Why is it that the 2ww seems to take forever, but the 2 weeks till ovulation just fly by? Today is CD10. I temping during our break only so that I have some kind of record for these two months. Monday or Tuesday (I can't remember when) my temp was 97.66 - higher than my normal pre-ovulation temp. Today it was 97.88. Woah! That's a post-ovulation temp. Of course now I'm super curious what it's going to be tomorrow morning. I promised Kevin I wouldn't temp on the weekends - so we could sleep in - so I guess I'll have something to look forward to on Monday. My mind keeps racing back to my theories of having another cyst and so I'm wondering if that cyst was a new follie that could rupture sometime on CD8 or CD9. A couple of days ago I did have some left ovary pain which I thought was follie growing ovary pain, but could totally be ovulating ovary pain. Then reality comes back and I know this scenario is highly unlikely. Sans med, my usual ovulation day is CD24-CD26. So again, you can see why I'm actually looking forward to temping now.
Saturday we're going here. Kevin's climbing partner, B, has been wanting to go play on their Flo.wRider. He's been trying to get Kevin to go for ages and Kev finally agreed. So they're taking a class in the morning. And somehow I agreed to do it as well. I figure it will be a good picture taking opportunity if nothing else. The only downside is that the park is about 2 hours away and the class is at 8:30am and you have to be there 15 minutes early! I've already called the sleeping spot though. Kev and B can drive us out there.
We're thinking of entering Les into an agility run-thru the last weekend of August. It's a low-key event and you pay for each run so if your dog is doing horrible you can stop early before you've paid too much money. I think Kevin would enjoy doing it and I know watching better handlers with their dogs will drive home some of the points I been trying to make.


~Jess said...

Oh my gosh! That place looks like a lot of fun! Good luck with the agility run thru!

A said...

Have fun at the water park!! Also I would totally agree that the first half of the cycle zooms by, making up for the S.L.O.W. pace of the last half!!