Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Sure What to Think Anymore

Okay, recap:
Friday: take 1 provera, get positive OPK;
Saturday: BBT of 98.1 - know that it's possibly higher due to the provera I took the day before.
Sunday: BBT of 97.5 - not great, but not too low
Monday: BBT of 97.2 - really low, my average coverline is 97.8
So that's where I'm at. I'm not sure what to do or think. Did the provera cause a false positive OPK? Did it cause my body not to ovulate? For good or just delay it? Should I stay under the assumption that I did ovulate and do the 2WW? Or do I go ahead and say f*ck it and take the other 9 pills of provera?
Kevin wants to assume that I did ovulate. He says that the OPK was really dark and if my hormones were preparing for ovulation that we should go on that. Also he swears that he was cold last night/this morning and he thinks it is too soon to switch to our summer blankets.

I'm open to any suggestions...


Amanda said...

Hmmm... you've got yourself a real head scratcher there.

First, I doubt the provera caused a false positive. Maybe that could happen, but doesn't really seem likely to me.

As far as the OPKs go, sometimes those things turn positive pretty far ahead of ovulation (maybe more than 2 days)... so you could have been gearing up for it, but it may have been several days off? or not.

I think the provera could definitely cause a high temp, but your temps seem to be jumpy anyways so it might not have meant anything, but that said, if you did ovulate, I think your temps would have stayed high.

I know that taking progestins can prevent ovulation, so it probably isn't good for this cycle.

I would think the best thing to do is to keep taking your provera and wait for the next cycle. But I also think you should call your clinic and talk to someone that didn't get their med degree from Google Med School.

I know it sucks that you might have been right there at it and then missed it because of the provera. It totally sucks, but it's impossible to predict this stuff. I hope you can get some good answers from someone at you clinic tomorrow.

I usually take prometrium to induce my flows because provera hasn't worked for me before, but also because it gives me a little piece of mind just incase I were to ovulate at the same time I start the medicine since prometrium is okay to take during the LP. If this happens again, you might ask to try that instead, but it is more expensive.

Sorry to not have any great or reassuring advice for you. I'm sorry it looks like this cycle will be a bust. Hopefully those injectables do the trick. Hang in there.