Friday, November 2, 2012

Full Term

As of today I'm 37 weeks. Full term. 21 days to go. I'm excited but it still seems so far away.

Yesterday was my OB appt. There are four doctors in this practice. Unlike GV's doctor, this time I don't have an assigned doctor. I have to have my appts with all the doctors and then whoever is on call when I happen to go into labor is my delivering doctor. I don't like this system but as this is likely my last pregnancy and I'm almost done there's no point in switching. Before I got pregnant I saw Dr. G every time I went in. I wasn't too fond of her but she seemed competent so I stayed. Then when I got pregnant I actually didn't see her again until yesterday. I've been seeing the other three (and the NP) my entire pregnancy.

So yesterday Dr. G came in and did the cervical check. One centimeter dilated. This time last go around I wasn't anything at all by this point so that's good. But I'm still not effaced at all. Then she did the doppler check and finally measured my uterus. Everything looking good. Then she wanted to do a u/s to make sure that Pineapple was head down. After about 15 minutes I got called back into the u/s suite and got to see her again! She is head down and facing my spine which is good for delivery but bad for ultrasound pics. But she's got tons for hair! And apparently it's long, already flowing past her ears. GV had a lot of hair too but it all fell out between 3-6 months.

So it looks like we're good to go just waiting for her to decide to be born. If I'm honest I wouldn't mind if she came 2 days early or 6 days late. See the earliest date that Thanksgiving falls on is the 22nd (this year) and the latest is the 28th (next year). So if they want to induce I think I'm going to ask for the 29th. We'll see if it works.