Saturday, November 3, 2012

Showers All-Around

When I moved down here shortly after GV was born, my college roommate recommended a moms group to me. I decided to join when I met a mom with a son 2 months older than GV and another mom with a daughter 3 weeks younger. I figured it would be a good resource to have them around. Then more moms joined and soon enough there were about 5-6 moms with babies who would all be in the same "school year" as GV. GV is probably going to Catholic school so I don't think he'll go to school with these kids but they might be in the same sports or activities.

Anyways for a bunch of us our kids were the first ones and we all have sons. As our kids approached 18 months we started talking about trying for that second kid.  I was nervous about all the talk because even though Kevin and I wanted to try for another one we had no idea if it would actually work. Well it did. And I'm actually the second one in line. There are currently 6 of us pregnant (with a 7th mom (who is no longer in the group) pregnant too) so it's a baby boom. Who thought I would ever be in the middle of a baby boom.

And so all the baby showers are happening now. At first I didn't want a baby shower but since Pineapple was a girl I was coerced encouraged to have one. And it was a good experience. A good second shower. This morning was the shower for the 4th mom. It was a book shower which was a neat idea. The other three will probably be in the new year which will be good break since three of the babies are due before the end of the year.