Monday, December 17, 2012

Pineapple Newborn Summary: Week Five {One Month}

This is a summary of the fifth week of Pineapple's life. She was 4 weeks old. She turned one month old during this week.

Going great with the nipple shield. Sometimes on the right (and once on the left) we can go w/o the shield for 5-10 minutes.

We do a lot of holding her, some tummy time. Some sitting by herself. Last week for my bday Kevin got me a neck pillow and I've been using it to prop her up during waketime. She is mostly held though.

Naps are anywhere between 1-2 hours. 

Night Sleep
At her ped appt they said we could go 4-5 hours at night! Yeah! Maybe I love my night sleep too much??

We started using the swaddleme blanket because it started getting too warm to double swaddle her.

Weight Gain
At her 1 month appt she was 8lbs 13oz!! Dr. M was soooo impressed. 

Baby Acne
Wednesday at the ped appt, Dr. M noticed that some baby acne was developing on Pineapple's face. I had noticed it around her mouth and thought it might be irritation with the nipple shield but I don't think it is anymore. Rhys had baby acne so I know it'll go away on it's own but it's just irritating to have it there.

Wednesday we had family photos done in the morning and then Chloe's ped appt in the afternoon. Monday we had a board meeting at a friend's house. Three toddler boys and 4 newborn girls. It was fun!

Dad is Back
Kevin has to be available for support for 12 hour shifts so he's been working from home. It's nice to have him home all day because GV hangs out in his office most of the day. And he can help when GV decides he wants water/milk/juice right when I start nursing Pineapple.

Big Brother
myFamily went out of town this weekend so we decided to try potty training GV. It didn't work. He peed twice on the floor. He tells us when he's done it but doesn't tell us when he needs to do it. So we've shelved it and will try again in a couple of months.

Fast Friends
GV has two friends that are 6 months and 2 months older than him. They now have sisters that are 2.5 months and 1 week older than Pineapple. Since I get along really well with the moms it's the perfect set up. Plus another one of our friends whose son is 11 months older than GV has a new sister that is a month younger than Pineapple. Today was the first time all four girls were together. It's so crazy to see the size differences between the girls.

2.5-3 hours during the day and 4 hours at night. I tried doing a set schedule with wakeup/nap times and it didn't really work. Because every day looks so different from the day before it's hard to set up a structure right now.