Monday, December 10, 2012

Pineapple Newborn Summary: Week Four

This is a summary of the fourth week of Pineapple's life. She was 3 weeks old.

Other than having to use the nipple shield nursing has been going great. We went to the New Mom Group again and she weighed in naked at 8 lbs! That's a weight gain of 11 oz in one week! Maybe she is going to rival her brother in weight gain.

I called the ped. to let them know about the weight gain and I think Dr. C didn't believe me. But we don't have to go back in for a weight check this week so we'll see for sure next week at her 1mo appt.

Keeping her awake is much easier. We've tried some tummy time - most times she is lying on her tummy on us though. Whenever she does use her tummy time mat GV wants to be in it with her. 

Her naps are anywhere between 1-2 hours. I've decided to start her on a schedule this week because I need some structure and I'm sure she does too.

Night Sleep
She's suppose to be on a 2.5 hour schedule but truthfully I've been pushing it out to 3-3.5 hours. We always have to wake her up and I don't want her to "learn" to wake up every 2.5 hours.

We still double swaddle her at night. I've started swaddling her during the day.

Weight Gain
11 ounces to bring her up to a nice even 8 lbs!

This week we were brave. On Wednesday we went to a library story time (with my sister). Thursday we went to a moms group playdate (cookie exchange!) and Friday night we went to a xmas party (family friendly). I managed to time the first two outings between her feeds but at the party I had to nurse her. I didn't take the MBF but we did okay w/o it. Sunday I had a product premiere in a movie theater to attend and I tried to feed her in the moby but no such luck. I ended up in the disabled bathroom for 10 minutes just so I could get something in her. And I ended up with breastmilk all over me.

Big Brother
GV still loves his sister but he starting to show his frustration with Kevin or I being tied up and not doing things for/with him because of her. 

These Eyes
I know that newborn eye color is not set it stone. They can change colors all the way up to 6 months. Also that they'll never get lighter just darker. Pineapple has brown eyes (so do Kevin and I) but they've got some grey in them. Most times they look grey rather than brown. Idon't know if it's just because they're really dark, darker than GV's or maybe a effect of MIL having blue eyes but it's neat and I hope they stay greyee-brown.

Things are so much better now! What a difference a properly feeding baby makes.

Still at 2.5 hours between feedings during the day and 3 hours at night.