Monday, December 31, 2012

Pineapple Newborn Summary: Week Seven

This is a summary of the seventh week of Pineapple's life. She was 6 weeks old.

Nursing is the same, using a nipple shield. I'm having more problems getting her to latch w/o it on both sides. I'm going to try having her nurse w/o the shield at night when she's sleepy. She might not realize what I'm doing.

I asked a friend (who is a SuperMOM) about nursing in public and she told me she found it easier to nurse using a regular slightly padded underwire bra. She said pushing the padding under the boo.b (with the straps still over your shoulders) helped to support it better than wearing a nursing bra while nursing.

Tonight we went out for NYE. We were in a park and I was wearing Pineapple in a Moby. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get back to the car for nursing so I watched some videos on nursing in a Moby. I managed to get it done relatively discreetly while watching the fireworks (they had a 9pm display for the young kiddos -- or those who can't make it to midnight). These are the videos I found to be the most helpful.

We were doing a lot of prep for the in-laws visit at the end of the week so Pineapple had to spend some awake time each day in the swing. It should have been nap time but she just wouldn't sleep. She wasn't fussy, she was just not interested in sleeping.

Naps are mostly in the swing and between 1-2 hours. 

Night Sleep
Things are going fine here. She's sleeps in the swing after the 8pm feed and then her cradle after the 10pm dreamfeed. Sometimes after the 6am feed she'll be a little fussy and Kevin will have to walk around with her. 

The swaddleme blanket needed a wash so we're on to a single blanket swaddle but she can break out of them. We have to make sure to do it tight and our form has to be perfect or her arms will break free.

Baby Acne
Still here and seems to flare when she's feeding (and agitated). I'm not sure if it's a reaction to the silicone in the nipple shield or if it's just because she's agitated.

It seems to be getting worse. I know it's not all of what she just ate but it can be a lot. And it happens a couple of times. But always after a feed. There doesn't seem to be a trigger for it. She can be upright, reclined or completely flat. She can be being held or being changed. It catches us off guard mostly because GV never spat up. I'm hoping it's just that she overfed and it's just excess.

Tuesday we were at myParents house for xmas lunch until about 7pm. Thursday we went over to SuperMOM's house for a playdate. SuperMOM's daughters were fascinated with Pineapple even though elder daughter wasn't interested when younger daughter was born.
Friday morning the whole fam when to the mall and stores for some after xmas shopping.  
Sunday after mass we went out to lunch with (almost) the whole family. myParents, Wiki, us four and Mum & Dad. Monday we walked around the park and then went out to lunch. Monday night we went to a city event at a park to celebrate NYE. 

Big Brother
GV is having issues with frustration. He tells me he's sad and that he wants to bite or kick someone (usually the source of his frustration). He's been put in time out a few times. But he is such a great big brother. He loves Pineapple and loves giving her kisses and hugging her.

She seems to be forming her own schedule. Sometimes I'll need to tweak it a bit because of outings but for the most part it's starting to come together.