Monday, March 16, 2009


Dr. G called yesterday with results from Kevin's SA. Apparently it wasn't really an SA, it was a 24 hour motility test. Everything is fine though and Kevin is not the reason why it's taking us so long. He was happy.
I've been adding pictures to some previous posts that you might want to check out:
3/2/09 - Sticky - Snow in RVA!
2/12/09 - I Can't Get My Fix! - my thermometer AD (after Dave)
12/30/08 - A pleasant surprise - the flowers that Auntie L sent us
I've got more, which I'm determined to get up soon. I might as well have something for you all during this "break" of mine.
So remember how I was saying that one of the reasons why I joined the women's indoor team again was so that Wiki and I could play together? Yeah, well it turns out that it might be a problem now. I'm so annoyed. A doesn't think it will be really, but D (the team manager) wants to make sure that everyone is okay with this and won't get upset because they're losing playing time that they have paid for. Pffft. So she put it out to the team to decide. I guess this is the considerate thing to do.
Ooooh! Congrats to Kirke at Maybe I will have a glass for having two great betas! I tell you, this KU thing is catching (hopefully!)


Andrea said...

I love the pictures. The thermometer one is hilarious. lol I guess Dave wanted to see what his temperature was!

Amanda said...

Those were really pretty flowers!

Why do say that you are on a break?

I hope the femara still comes through for you.

Mary said...

I'm so glad that the sort-of-sa went well today:)

Thank your for all of your kind words at my blog. It means so much. I really look forward to following your story.