Thursday, February 12, 2009

I can't get my fix!

Yesterday Dave and Les kind of flipped out. During the summer months, we'll leave Dave and Les out in the yard during the day to run around and enjoy the nice day. During the winter months they stay inside. They're the ones who make the choice about staying in or going out in the morning.
Yesterday when Kevin was leaving, Les was outside and Dave inside. Les was busy interacting with Gracie (the weimaraner next door) so she ignored Kevin's calls of "I'm leaving now!" He left her outside. When I got home, Les greeted me at the gate whining and complaining. Usually Les doesn't whine. She'll bark and yip and cry out sharply but she's not a whiner. But she was doing some fine whining as I was walking to the front door. When I let her in she ran inside (unusual because normally she lets Dave run out and then chases her around the yard) and squeezed under our bed. She stayed up there till Kevin got home and then she only deigned to come down to look at him and then ran back upstairs. She sulked for the rest of the night. Yesterday was a really nice day in the mid 60s but it was also very very windy. Apparently Les does not like wind.
While in the house alone, Dave decided to poo in the office. Really weird. And when I got ready to go to bed I went to move my BBT thermometer from on the bed (next to the laptop) to the side of the bed only to find that it was in three pieces! I was so pissed! She chewed my thermometer. When I showed it to Kevin, his response was "I wondered why it took so long for her to chew that up." Arg! I think I might O any day now and I won't be able to see that rise!


Amanda said...

You had to know that I would be laughing at you last line!

Your dogs have some personalities!