Thursday, April 22, 2010

32 Week OB Appt (and ultrasound!)

So at my 28w and 30w appts, Dr. P was a bit concerned about my uterus measuring a bit large. Especially since my weight gain (+16lbs and +18lbs) didn't correlate with me having an overly large baby. She also noted a growth spurt between those two appts. So she scheduled an ultrasound for the 32w appt to check the size of the GV and measure the fluid around him.

So I had Kevin go with me this morning (it was sooooo hard to convince him ;) ) and we got there slightly late. But then the tech came in and she told us she'd do the checking and measuring first and then would show us him and take some more pictures. Of course Kevin just leaned over so he could watch the screen the whole time. Once she was ready she confirmed that he was a boy (which was slightly hard because he had his legs crossed under him) and also told us that he was in breech position. That explains the number he's been doing on my innards the night before and that morning (and since). Because he was breech, we got a good profile shot of him.

We got to see his hair too!
It's the white stuff all around his head. Then we got to see his heart beating away (she told us the rate but I forgot) and his spine. And then his little feet!
She also showed us his face but the photo for that wasn't good. But we did get another profile shot!

Next was the regular OB appt. Everything is good, no more bloodwork needed. GV is measuring 4.5lbs which is right on target, the uterus is still measuring large so that's probably just me and fluid levels are normal. Next appt in 2 weeks!

BTW, I'm not sure if I said but I passed my GD test! Yay! So we celebrated by going to Col.dstone :).  Also thyroid levels are normal and Dr. P thinks I can come off them 6 weeks post birth.


Priscilla said...

Love the pics!! So glad all checked out just right!! :)

Beth said...

Yeah for a healthy baby! Can't wait to meet him! <3

Life Happens said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear everything is coming along.