Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunday Shopping

Wow, I know, I've been slow in getting posts up. But eventually I'll catch up. Or at least give up. Today it's try to catch up.  Okay so day 3 of Florida trip:


Woke up bright and early to get ready for church. myDad had to work Sunday so he was gone by the time I had gotten up. Kind of a bummer but that's what you get when your dad works in a hospital. Anyways as soon as we arrived for church, I saw J walking towards us. After mass we went to Barre.l. Not really my favorite place but as it's the only "breakfasty" restaurant between church and the house that's where we usually end up. Brunch lasted about two hours and was really great. The last time I saw J was right before she moved to NO - March 2008 or so..

Afterwards myMom, Wiki and I made a quick trip to That place is huge! It's got everything you could possibly need! Too bad there's not one in RVA. Anyways we then went across town to Chicken's dress fitting. After about half an hour, I picked this dress (Chicken picked the color).

It looks a lot different on me than the model but she's not nearly 7 months pregnant so I think I'm excused. I have to wear this dress two weeks after GV's due date so it should be interesting. The remaining hour and a half at David's was spent giving advice to the other 4 bridesmaids on their dresses. Finally at 3:30 we were all done and I was off to the airport.

We had one last meal together (in which I ruined my printed boarding pass and had to run around the airport to get another one) and then I was back on a plane RVA-bound.

All in all a great trip home but a LOT of running around. I don't think I had the chance to rest really. One huge side effect though!


So I noticed Sunday night that my ankles were looking a little pudgy. I didn't think anything of it until Monday morning. Yeah, I bypassed the cankle stage and went directly to the huge huge ankles connecting my calves and feet. It was so bad that walking in shoes felt off. So at lunch time I went to C.VS to buy some compression socks. Dude they are expensive! It was $17 to buy one pair! I got these:
It took two days of wearing them from as soon as I got up till I went to bed but eventually I got my ankles back. Chicken has warned me that closer to delivery I will probably have to say good bye to my ankles until up to two weeks after delivery. That I'm not looking forward to.


Amanda said...

Dude, I am the queen of compression stockings. I highly recommend just giving in and buying 3-5 pairs if you haven't already. It's a lot better than washing nearly every day. And my swelling got so much worse right after delivery too, so put a pair in your go bag when you get close.