Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saturday Running Around

Thursday night before I left my friend J emailed me to tell me that she was going to be in Florida this weekend. She lives in NO but her in-laws and stepson's mom live there. She asked if I wanted to get together for an lunch on Saturday and I told her that it would be kind of tight but that I would try. We texted back and forth Friday night and had tentative plans for an early lunch.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early for breakfast with Chicken, Chicklet and fiance J. Then Chicken and I went to get facials. It was okay, but like a professional massage it's something I never have to do again. We also got manicures at the same place. But they only had one manicurist and one facial(ist?) so we had to alternate instead of doing them together. That was kind of a bummer.

One of the reason Kevin didn't come with me on this trip was because he was running a 10K Saturday morning. It was his first road race ever and I was kind of bummed out that I didn't get to be there. But I had knew it was a possiblity since he decided to run in it. Anyways his wave was suppose to take off at 8:42 and he called me at 8:30 saying that he was in touching distance of the parking garage but had been stuck in race traffic for over an hour. So he missed his flight. Luckily they allow you to drop down in waves so as long as he made it to the start line by 10am he would be okay.

Right as I was going in for my manicure J texted me to say that they got in really late (like 3am!) so could we reschedule lunch to the Sunday. Which was good because there's no way I was going to make it out of the salon before 11am.

Kevin had signed me up for race notification to be texted to my phone when he reached the half way point and finish line. They didn't come through so I got more and more worried during the manicure that he didn't make it to the start line. But while I was waiting for the facial to start he called and left me a message letting me know that he had finished with a time of 46:29. Pretty good for his first race! Even though I had warned him about the other people running the race, he was surprised by how much it affected his run.

After we were done at the salon we went back to Chicken's and I hung out there till it was time to leave for the shower. It wouldn't have been worth it to drive all the way back home. The shower was held at a beautiful park on a hill next to a lake. More food (Yay!) and more games. Of which we won two of them! We being me, Wiki and myMom. We got to use our phones for one of the games to get answers and my worked better than Wiki's iphon.e 3GS!

When we got home I laid down on the couch for a rest and then GV started moving and kicking. I called myMom over to feel and we waited. After a few seconds GV gave her a good kick. As soon as myDad walked in the door (from a church function) she boasted about being able to feel GV. So then my sister and then myDad tried. Luckily GV cooperated for all of them and wasn't his usual stubborn self. I guess only Kevin has the hands of calmness. Hope that's true after GV is born!

That evening Wiki and I went back to Chicken's for a hair and makeup party. Chicken is wanting to do both herself (or have a friend do it). So we got together for some pizza and experimentation. Friday night I had gone through all the gifts and figured out which ones I would need right away and which could wait a month (when myMom and myDad drive up for their visit). While we were at the party myMom got everything to fit into one suitcase. And it was under 50 lbs!

So another 11:30 bedtime. But I did get to talk to J and we decided to go to mass together and then brunch the next day.