Thursday, April 8, 2010

Generosity & Progress!

I forgot to mention that Sunday evening (while I was at the airport) our neighbor K came by with two brown paper bags full of baby clothes and a "My Br.est Friend" pillow. This is the neighbor that had a boy last April. The clothes were so cute. I talked to her a few days later and she also mentioned that they had a swing, excersaucer, baby hangers and a hanging baby jumper that they were done using. After two boys, they're not going to have any more kids so she's clearing things out. Oh, and she said that she'd give us their breast pump and leave it to us to decide if we wanted to keep it or not. I guess once you get to that stage you just want things out.

I was actually on the phone with Kevin when she came by. He had called me because he had just started re-painting the guest room and realized the color was really really close to white. We had been thinking that some of the butterscotch color would bleed through to make it look darker, but nope. The new paint went on really thick. So he stopped and called to confirm that I wanted him to keep painting. Since I was hundreds of miles away I told him to stop. When I did get home it was really light. My solution? Go back to Low.e's and get the darker color on the swatch card and mix them up. Then this past Sunday he painted. It's done! Finally! The color is beige. I'm so glad that's over.

Guest Room:
1. Get rid of the bed.
2. Put away bed rails.
3. Get rid of the headboard.
4. Get rid of the dresser.
5. Get rid of the nightstand.
6. Get rid of the current tacky $20 Ta.rget book shelves. — These are in the attic awaiting the neighborhood garage sale on May 15th. If I can get someone to sell it for me since I've got a game. Or Kevin agrees to do it.
7. Replace the TV. — Still have the old TV. I got a few interests in it but our schedule has been so crazy that I couldn't ever meet up with people. I'll relist it for this weekend.
8. Clean out my great-grandmother's armoire.
9. Paint.
10. Replace the carpet. — The owner before us replaced the carpet in the master, current office and landing. But not the GR for some unknown reason. Now that we're replacing it, we want it to match the other rooms. But according to all the carpet places we've called, in order to do that they would need at least a 6"x6" sample of our current carpet. They want me to rip up my nice carpet! I'm struggling making myself do it. But I know I've got to this weekend or this room is never going to get done.
11. Figure out what to do with the PS2 and all the rock band/guitar hero stuff.
12. Move the office furniture & supplies into the room.
13. Buy a sleeper sofa.
14. Install nice bookcases.


A said...

Way to go on all the projects, and that is so awesome about your neighbor's giftings!!