Thursday, July 1, 2010

Down but not out

GV is in his playard, being quiet, but not sleeping.  He got the hiccups right after his feeding which woke him up from his feeding induced nap.  He's gotten rid of them but now he'll be lying there awake most of the interval between feedings.  At least he's not crying. Okay, now he's starting to make noise...

Last night was actually one of the best nights we've had since we got back home from Florida. He woke up to nurse, nursed and then went back to bed twice.  With at least three hours between feedings. Then after the third one he stayed up a bit. Kevin has been great about getting up and seeing if he can get him to go back down before waking me up. Kevin has been great about a lot of things. But more on that later.

Okay you can't tell but there was an hour break there because GV started fussing a lot.  So I had to take him upstairs to his swing. But I did manage to get his room back in order.  Since his birth we've just been dumping everything in his room. It stayed a mess because we're not really using his room yet. Once we get his furniture in (still not around!) then we'll start using the room more.

And it's time for his next feeding. Gotta go wake him up now. Well get him up, I can hear him stirring. Can I just tell you how much I love this kid? A lot!