Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello My Son, part two

When GV was born he didn't give out that lusty cry (he was making noise though).  They cleaned him up while he was on me and then after a short while moved him to the baby station the check him over.  Because he wasn't giving that lusty cry they were concerned that he wasn't clearing the fluid out of his lungs and fully opening the air sacs in his lungs.  They still couldn't get him to cry out and the decision was made to NICU. Meanwhile Dr. P was seeing to me (2nd degree tear). They eventually let Wiki back into the room (she left when I started pushing) so we all got to see him until they took him away.

In the NICU they gave GV an IV and started him on antibiotics.  Apparently when they stuck him he gave the yell but because they started the IV they had to finish it up. Which is messed up because they gave him the IV because he wouldn't cry out.

Around 4pm they transferred me to the postpartum room but we got to stop by the NICU first. GV was so precious and little in that special bed but then you'd look at the other babies next to him and he was a giant compared to them. We weren't allowed to hold him then but they said when he got moved to the other NICU room then we would get to hold him. We were told that we could visit with him whenever we wanted but that at 9pm he would have a feeding.

We went to the room and updated family and made phone calls and such. Also the postpartum nurse brought the hospital breast pump so that I could start pumping since I couldn't breastfeed right away.  The amount I got was pathetic considering I had those things on my boops for 15 minutes.  But they said it was a good amount.  The NICU nurse had said to send anything down and they would add it to the formula he would be getting at 9pm.  When Wiki dropped it off they had already moved him down to the other room.  We went down for his feeding (we missed it by a few minutes) but I finally got to hold him.  He was so quiet and with such huge eyes. Kevin got to hold him afterwards. Wiki went home after the visit and the NICU nurse said that I should pump for the next feeding but then we would try to get him to latch and nurse for a bit after his midnight feeding.