Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Month

Till I turn 35. Advanced maternal age. Because Pineapple is due two weeks before that I'm not high-risk. Which apparently means I'm missing out on some u/s and other tests that would be covered if she was due even one day after. Oh well.

How the heck am I already almost 35? I still think of myself as in my 20s. Maybe it's because I didn't get married till 29. Or have my first kid till 32. Or that most of my (new) friends are just hitting their 30th b-day. At the end of this month I will have known Kevin for 17 years. I met him when I was 17!! Maybe because my parents are still in their 50s (albeit only a 1-2 years away from 60). Whatever it is I don't feel 35 most days. Some days I do though. Usually on those days I want to take a nap.