Friday, October 24, 2008

The Deladubrees Visit

One of Kev's friends that he's known since about the age of 11 and his wife came to visit us yesterday. They decided to come to the US for vacation. They visited Boston, Martha's Vineyard, New York City, Philadephia and Washington, DC over the course of two weeks. They came down Wednesday night and stayed till this morning.

We took them shopping (to Kohl's and Target) first and then after a slight detour to take care of the dogs, ate lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. We went to visit the state capital next and walk along the river. Then a nice drive down Riverside Drive with a stop at Pony Pasture. Another shopping trip to Stony Pointe and we finished off the day with dinner at a really nice Italian Restaurant.

I'm really glad they got to visit and that we got to spend time with them. While I've known them for about 8-9 years, because they've never lived near Kev since I've known them, we've only usually hung out while they were in town for a Christmas or New Year's. We're going back to Kev's parent's for Christmas this year so hopefully we'll see them then.