Monday, October 27, 2008

A nice needlestick

Today I had to get my bloodwork done for this round of Clomid. I'm totally expecting a bad number because according to FF I haven't ovulated yet and physically I've not felt anything that tells me that I have (although as I write this, I can suddenly feel the twinges and cramps). The lady that took my blood did an awesome job though, for sure the best ever! See I've had to give a lot of blood for tests and labs in the past. My eighth grade year when I couldn't shake a cold, I think I was getting blood drawn once every other week. So anyways, I always bleed a lot afterward and usually I have to put on a second band-aid. Also last time I went, I ended up having a big skin irritation where the tape was put on my arm. So this time I told the nice lady about it so she would use a band-aid instead. The awesome part was that I was able to take the band-aid off after a couple of hours, it looked hardly used and I didn't have a big bruise where they stabbed me. If I've got to have bloodwork done next time, I'm going back to her!