Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays - a sentiment shared by my BFF, Chicken. Once I decided to stop Trick or Treating (the last time was when I was a Senior in college), Wiki and I would do elaborate set ups at my parents house complete with scarecrows, fog machines and scary sounds/music. It was great fun. I was looking forward to continuing the tradition once I got to my own house.

However while the neighborhood we live in can get quite festive (you should see #36's house), we don't seem to get that many trick or treaters. The first year I think we had four or five groups of 2-3 kids each. Last year we had more, but still nothing like at my parent's house. This year we only had about 25-30 kids come. Kev and I always do a tally of the costumes and although Darth Vader has always been a strong contender, this year we had only one. We did have 3 Boba Fetts though. I think the winner this year was the 6 witches we had.

All in all, a good night plus a lot of yummy candy left over!