Monday, October 20, 2008

How Mayo became Mayo

As you can tell, I like calling people I know by nicknames. Sometimes they're cute, sometimes they're funny, other times you just gotta roll your eyes. And here's the thing, I don't even give these people their nicknames. I'm such a follower, cause while I'm usually there when they get their nicknames, it takes me weeks (only once it's caught on) to start using them.

Like my cousin Mayo. So I've got two cousins close to me in age. One (Mayo) was born before me in September; one was born after me, in July. Somehow we were all in the same grade when we went into first grade, and because we lived next door to each other, we went to the same school. Anyways, Mayo's real name rhymes with mayonesa, so she quickly became "Mayonesa." And then cause I have a "K" name, I became Ketchup (though no one calls me that anymore). Mayonesa eventually became Mayo and it stuck.

On a side note, that younger cousin ended up picking up Mustard for a short while, although I'm not sure why cause his name in no way sounds like mustard. But whatever, maybe it was cause the three of us were always together.